"Reigning" icon of the Mother what helps?

Some would say that ordinary people have to pray before the icons that help to solve simple everyday problems, and the "Reigning" icon of the Mother what helps to know a few.It is believed that this image is intended for those who are clothed with the power of the state, supposedly to contact this icon can only be asking for support for the country's rulers.However, this is not true.

nagging question

In the light of recent events, when the world seems so fragile when state borders do not protect the rich Russian lands from the greedy eyes of strangers when to meet the geopolitical queries ruling world elite destroyed hundreds of thousands of people, when in their own country to the power DorvalPeople, indifferent to the fate of their nursing people, I want to cry out: "Is it true, really the way it should be, do not have the power that can resist evil and injustice ?!" Maybe the Lord turned away from Russia?Is there an answer to this question?

mere coincidence or a sign?

In 1917, March 2, in the village of Kolomenskoye, which is now included in the city limits of Moscow, was attained miraculous icon of the Virgin, in which the Holy Virgin holding symbols of state power.Interestingly, the same day there was another event that changed the destiny of our country - the Emperor Nicholas II abdicated his mission to rule the country, as is proper to man, anointed by the Lord Himself such service to God.However, Heavenly Father did not abandoning his country and its people destitute.A miracle happened, which gave the whole of Russia hope for salvation.At the time of the abdication of God invisibly he stood beside Nicholas and took his scepter and orb to pass That which never disown them, and in due time will give decent.How else to explain the miracle of the appearance of the icon of the Heavenly Queen in the garb of the earth queen, seated on a throne with the symbols of sovereignty over the country in the hands and the Divine Infant in her lap, blesses all, cling to Him?

its opinion on the supremacy of the Lord said through a simple peasant

Interestingly, the woman who told about the place where the icon is, had dreams in which the forces of heaven, and pointed it at him.It turns out that the Lord foresaw the imminent abdication.Maybe Cathedral oath given by representatives of all lands and estates in 1613 Romanov family was abolished in 1917?We can only speculate and look for the hidden meaning of the event."Reigning" icon of the Mother of God is not responsible, who is to blame for the disasters of the people and the seizure of power by the atheists.So the answer is we know and do not need.After looking for it, we are looking for the culprit.And we are commanded: "Do not judge, and you will not be judged."Blessing and congregational prayer Orthodox Patriarch Alexy II of the Russian citizens repented for what have not saved the monarchy, which forbid the violation and non-compliance Cathedral oath uttered, and fastened the signatures before the first Romanov - sixteen Mikhail Romanov, St. George - 300 years ago.

coincidence or a new sign?

in Yekaterinburg where the tsar's family was shot in memory of this event founded the monastery of the Holy Royal Martyrs.At the beginning of the two thousandth the monastery built a temple of God.Throne icon, after which it was illuminated, it is, as you know, the "Reigning" icon of the Mother of God.The value of the event is difficult to interpret in two ways.Symbolism no one questioned then and are now contesting.Tsar-Martyr, abdicated, and take away the trappings of power "Reigning" icon of the Mother of God.Meaning what happened after, yet to comprehend: in 2010, and not standing for four years, the church burned down.

Lord keeps Russia

is believed that the last Romanovs already had Russian blood, and their close relations with the monarchies of other countries, always with claims to Russia and threatened our country lost its independence, which made the old kings, expandingborder trade and ensuring maritime traffic.We were threatened with the fate of a cash cow that would feed Europe.Longsuffering and merciful God would not allow this.The key to his care and benevolence to Russia and became the "Reigning" icon of the Mother of God.What makes the image, it is easy to guess.He was praying for maintaining the integrity of the state during the hazards associated with the risk of territorial disintegration of the country.Before leaving to serve in the army, to come to the temple and ask the blessings of the holy image.If a mother gives her son, is sent to guard the border, garden triptych with this icon, the Blessed Virgin will grant him victory in battle, if that happens, he will return home safe and sound.

It would be an icon of the Blessed Virgin "Reigning" hung in the offices of government officials.And before making decisions they would overshadow the Cross, drawing the eyes and thoughts to the Holy Face.

when you start a new flowering of Russia?

In anticipation of a national child abandonment has been revealed to us "Reigning" icon of the Mother of God.What I am praying to God orphans?They turn to Him in all their needs and afflictions.

Legend claims that the welfare in Russia will come when his seat back miraculous "Reigning" icon of the Mother of God.Prayer, which we read before this image, and let contains this request.And what is considered the place where the icon should be back, and why it still is not there?To understand this, we must learn more about the history of it.

Miracle finding icons

February 13, 1917 a certain woman (kept even her name - Evdokia Andrianova) had a dream.And I must say that the day before, the 12th, there was a big celebration in honor of the revered image of the Virgin Mary, called "Iversky".The eschatological meaning of the Iberian Mother of God, mysteriously related to the ultimate fate of the world is known clerics.So, on the night after the holiday Evdokia dreamed that from her need to find in the village of Kolomenskoye icon black, paint it red, and found a way to pray.The pious woman zealously prayed to God, asking him to instruct on the right path and teach fulfill His holy will, as well as get rid of the wiles of the devil, if it is from him she received a vision.

February 26 she dreamed a new dream, which appeared in front of her majestic woman, and my heart felt in her Evdokia Samu Pure Virgin.No longer able to suffer guesses and kept secret their dreams went Evdokia Andrianova in Kolomenskoye, the benefit it was not too far away.She found a church of the Assumption of the abbot and started with their anxieties and doubts.Good father listened to her, showed the iconostasis, but none of the icons was not like the one that the woman had a dream.Then it was decided to look into the backrooms.And we found in the basement still required.The image was covered with dust and cobwebs, but it was exactly the icons that woman seen in a dream.

For the first time it was liberated patroness of the Russian land - "Reigning" icon of the Mother of God.Prayer is a simple village woman for guidance on the path realized in this way.Truly, God works in mysterious ways.

What needs help of God "Reigning"?

news of the icon of the Mother of God, has seized the royal power over the country, quickly spread through the surrounding area and reached the two capitals.The image began to carry in different parishes, people line up just to see what it looks like "Reigning" icon of the Mother of God.Prayer before Ney helped heal many ailments, arrange private life and help with financial difficulties.Queen of Heaven, like a mother, helping all the troubles.One need only go to her, to tell about yourself.Providence, wisdom, and all power suit and all comfort "Reigning" icon of the Mother of God.What makes this image of people baptized in the name of Her Divine Son?Judge for yourself.Orphaned after the loss of the king, the people clung to the Heavenly Mother.Her face stern and domineering.She sits on the throne of the earth, which confirms its acceptance of the earth is, the worldly power over the country.The temporal power - a worldly things, worldly cares and worldly problems.

disappearance icons

Shortly after gaining the icon was restored, with the participation of Patriarch Tikhon in honor of it was composed akathist, composed Service and canon.In the following years, when the persecution of believers, and the church began to empty and the profane, the icon disappeared.But it was not lost in vain.The first icon of the "Reigning Mother of God", which the picture is placed in the beginning, many years secretly kept in the vaults of the State Historical Museum.

second acquisition

second time it gained after the first of the Liturgy of the royal martyrs, that is, 72 years after the Ekaterinburg massacre.The staff of the Historical Museum gave her the Orthodox Church.

can not understand the policy, do not know the deep history, but only to love and respect their homeland, to worship God, His Blessed Mother and the saints, and then tell the very heart of who "Reigning" icon of the Mother what helps.

According to legend, prosperity will begin in Russia after the icon returns to the place of its finding, that is, the Ascension Temple Kolomna.Now she is in the temple of Our Lady of Kazan, also located in Kolomna, and Church of the Ascension is closed.At least in 2012 it was so.