How to choose a table in the interior of the kitchen?

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It would seem, though a variety of tables, which offer customers the manufacturers, the question choosing a particular model must be resolved quickly.In fact, buyers simply "dazzled".How to choose the right table for various interior rooms and what material to choose?

most reliable, solid and good quality material for table is considered a natural tree.However, such solid wood different large weights and usually size.These tables are best suited for large areas.

Tables made of chipboard - the most economical option, but also the most fragile.More reliable are tables made of MDF, their price is slightly higher, and longer service life.

It should be noted that the table top and the support comprising a table may be configured as a single material or of different ones.

Computer tables must be deep enough to become a full-fledged workstation.Preference is to give a table with additional modules for office equipment, drawers and pull-out shelf for keyboard.This significantly saves space on the table and will look naturally and gently.Configuration of computer tables and color should be chosen according to the location where it will stand.

Now manufacturers offer angular and conventional models of compact and expanded sizes a variety of shades.When purchasing be sure to check the availability of component parts, warranty card and instructions for assembly.

kitchen table should be sized to fit him for the whole family at the same time.The shape of the table depends on the size of the functional use of space and countertops.The most convenient are rectangular tables, so as to move up to one of the walls, kitchens are smaller.Note the model with rounded corners, it is safer if the apartment is small children, it is more convenient and aesthetically pleasing.Especially if the rest of kitchen furniture is made in smooth, rounded lines.

oval tables are an interesting alternative to rectangular, making it easier to approach each side.Behind it can fit, if needed, and all the more the person will be comfortable.

small round table with a top made of natural stone on the forged legs will look great in the kitchen in the Mediterranean style, or on the balcony, which features a patio.

tables with glass top furniture visually make less severe.This table looks great in the kitchen, but in a miniature version, as the coffee table in the living room or bedroom.Countertops are transparent and opaque, color palette is varied to find a suitable model for any interior.Glass tables with additional matt shelf under the transparent table top allow decorate the table flower arrangement or decorative elements.Buying glass table for the kitchen, make sure that the table top is made of tempered glass and the edges are carefully polished.

Transforming tables - is saved for apartments with a small area.When folded, they take up only as much space as you need.In the spread - will increase the usable area.There are models, changing the height of the table, countertop size and its shape.In these tables, there is only one drawback, they are rarely distinguished by the originality of performance and are rather a necessary measure for small spaces.As a rule, a sufficient variety of colors, are not so different elegance finish.

choosing a table, you must take into account not only the aesthetics, functionality and size, but also the safety, reliability and environmental friendliness.