Peter and Paul Church on New Basman: historical milestones

first church in honor of the Holy Apostles was built in Basman settlement at the end of the XVII century at the request of the commander Basheva.From historical records it is known that in 1702, for the coming of the church belonged to 114 yards, which is taxed on its content.


Since the church was originally wooden, very quickly began to develop a project that would allow to replace it with a stone building.Construction began in 1705 next to the existing church.Where then disappeared wooden church of Peter and Paul in the New Basman unknown.

It should be noted that the structure of which we speak, was carried out in accordance with a personal picture of Emperor Peter the Great.Total thus was built eight churches, seven of which are located in St. Petersburg.Only St. Peter and Paul in the New Basman in Moscow was built.Money for the construction of the church was granted as sovereign in the amount of two thousand.Due to the influence of the emperor and the special architecture of the temple, a specimen of which His Majesty has borrowed in Holland during his travels there.In 1708 the consecration and worship began in the lower chapel of the church, while the main church continues to build.The throne was dedicated to St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.

In 1714 Peter the Great issued a decree that in connection with the transfer of the capital to St. Petersburg all stone building in Moscow, you want to pause in order to take builders construction of a new city on the Neva.Therefore, the temple Peter and Paul in the New Basman settlement was in the list of construction, is temporarily frozen.Only in 1717, by special order of the Senate, in response to a request for permission to finish the temple, construction recovered.By this time they had quite a bit - only required to install the spire and build arches over the porch.Finally, the church building was completed in 1719.A year later, the temple was ordered carved iconostasis, the pulpit and the choir.

In 1770, the temple complex has acquired another chapel of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.The consecration took him two years later.In 1812, the church of Peter and Paul in the New Basman was sacked by Napoleon's troops.

In the years 1856-1868 the church was rebuilt significantly.This was caused by the need to repair, and in addition, by the time the temple was too small to meet the needs in the prayer room.As a result, the temple of Peter and Paul in the New Basman was significantly expanded.The complex added two chapels.Both were dedicated to Our Lady, one in honor of the "Vladimir", the second - in honor of the image of "Soothe My Sorrows."

Church after the Revolution

After the revolution, the temple continued to function as a religious building on the basis of a special agreement, according to which the faithful received him in a perpetual royalty-free lease.In the crypt of the church at one time housed Theological Academy, it has lost its historic buildings.

In 1921, the church of Peter and Paul in the New Basman was robbed to the delight of city authorities, who on the basis of claims to the faithful about the negligent attitude to property transferred to them the church was closed two years later.In fact, the community was disbanded because it was on the side of Patriarch Tikhon and refused to join the movement Renovationist.

Eventually, in 1924, the church was handed over to the official at the time Renovationist church.However, in the same year, according to a special petition and complaint "Tikhonites" they returned to the upper temple, leaving believers Renovationist orientation of the right to use the lower.Subsequently, two attempts were made to close the church, but only managed to do it in 1935.The building was originally passed under the military warehouse, but it is often passed from hand to hand.As a result, they seized the Institute "Geophysics".


Temple Church of Peter and Paul in the New Basman, reviews which can take it to one of the most beautiful temples of the capital, was handed back to the faithful in 1992.So far, it works on reconstruction and restoration.

Church of Peter and Paul in the New Basman: schedule of services and address

As for the schedule of church services, it is mobile and from month to month can vary slightly.The general principles of the liturgical rhythm of the parish are:

services are performed daily on weekdays and weekends.


  • 07:40 -Liturgiya.
  • 17:00 - Evening service.


  • 08:00 -Liturgiya.
  • 17:00 - Evening service.


  • 08:30 - Liturgy.
  • 16:00 - Evening service with the reading of the Akathist icon of the Mother of God "Bogolubskaya."

Located Peter and Paul Church at Moscow, Novaya Basmannaya Str. 11. The nearest metro station - "Red Gate".