Areas of the Russian Far North are waiting hands

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From school, we all know where the north and how it is cold.But there are areas that are called "Far North."They are located above the Arctic Circle, where the tundra, tundra and arctic area with a very harsh climate, which is not so easy to establish.On the vast territory of our country, in some regions there are areas, which are its natural and climatic characteristics are equal to the conditions in which there are regions of the Far North.For example, Ulagansky and Kosh-Agach administrative districts in the Altai Republic, located in the area of ​​high mountains and dissemination of eternal permafrost soil.

Features of the natural environment of the north

North Russia is known for its harsh climate, to live and work where you want to have excellent health.The special features of the natural environment and climate of this area include: the extremely low winter temperature, severe and long winters, short summers cold, lack of ultraviolet light, violation of photoperiod (length of day and night).It can also be counted among the light starvation during the polar night, and excess light in the polar day, anoxia, and the thin air, sudden changes of temperature and humidity values, the atmospheric pressure.Here pronounced geomagnetic and gravitational perturbations, negatively affects the impact of space.

Adaptation stress the body

All these factors, as well as the forced reduction of motor activity, frequent and long flights (when working in shifts), the periodic change of climate reduces performance, immunity and health of people coming to the Far North.Most often this is expressed in the acquisition of human cardiovascular diseases, hormonal and metabolic disorders.According to physicians to adapt human visitor to the northern climate requires several years.

work in the Far North

During the Soviet period the Far North could be reached on the Komsomol, enlist voluntarily on construction sites, in geological expeditions, oil, gas and gold mining enterprises.Among the visitors were those who forced the villagers to re-work and harsh living conditions.Works in the Far North, and now, as they say, no end.Basically, the work is related to the oil and gas, with the laying of oil and gas pipelines, construction of roads, residential and industrial premises.Firms to Work for shift work to recruit young people surveyed in a medical facility and have a medical report on the health status.Medical examination of workers held periodically.In the north of demand, mainly working specialties: truck drivers and special vehicles, drillers, welders.To work in northern conditions in shifts do not allow pregnant women and mothers with children up to three years, the guardians of minor children, men-fathers, employees raising children without a mother and those that do not meet the age qualification.

benefits for work in the Far North

for all able-bodied northerners living there permanently or working in shifts, at the legislative level, set a number of benefits, divided into 2 groups.The benefits of the first group - a cash payment for the severe natural conditions klimatichechskie territories where the regions of the Far North of Russia.These benefits include: increased regional coefficient, monthly and growing together with the experience of allowances to salary, bonuses during temporary disability, additional leave benefits to pensions, benefits for entry into zhilstroykooperativ.Benefits of the second group are only a certain category of workers who have moved to the north due to the public appeal with the conclusion of a tenancy agreement for a term of 3 years (or 2 years if the work activity will take place on the island territory of the Arctic Ocean).The group benefits include: compensation for relocation, reimbursement for a return to their former homes at the end of the employment contract, a one-time allowance in the case of renewal of the contract for another term booking of accommodation at the place of the former residence, the benefits for the calculation of seniority at retirement.Some of these benefits will enjoy working and family members.In the labor contract, the employer may also indicate other benefits.