How to make a bundle by using the "donut" itself?

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Sometimes we wonder how some fashionable women manage to make the perfect high hairstyle.It is known that the density of any luxury nor an enviable long their hair is different.The secret is the use of a roller in the form of a donut.How to make a bundle with "donut" so it was nice and fast?In this paper are presented different ways to create nodes of the hair, which used this essential accessory every girl.So do fashion beam using the "donut."

  • First of all, you need to purchase a roll of hair, which is called "donut."In specialty stores have ample choice.Buy the product should be in the color of his hair, it was easier to disguise in his hair.Preference is to give a lighter and less bulky version of this device.However, some of the girls themselves make for themselves the excellent "bagels".As the material for the roll they use unnecessary jerseys.The easiest way to make a "donut" of socks or golf.To this end, a pair of scissors, cut the front part of the sock in both courses.Then simply roll up one of them, forming a ring.As the work of the hole will be reduced, and the size of the ringlet - increase.If you need a "donut" to a very large beam in the style of the 60s, then joined the first of the second toe and rolls them together.Nothing to fix is ​​not required - "bagel" will keep the shape perfectly.

  • Make donut beam by a very easy, simple enough to understand this technology.First, separate the hair, which will be in the beam (this is not necessarily all strands, maybe some of them will be used in woven or curls).Tie the tail.
  • next step - to pass a hair through the "donut."There are two versions of how to make a bundle with "donut".The first method, "donut" is in the gum, which retains the tail, and all the strands cleanly and evenly distributed over the surface of the roller.After that, the hair is worn on top of another soft gum, fixing beam.In this case, the node will hairstyles smooth and glossy.The second method is suitable if the tail is not too long and not thick curls.On the "donut" are folded randomly hair, starting at the end toward the head.The beam itself would not be too careful, but it just requires a modern barbershop fashion.Easy negligence beautify hair.
  • In some cases, for lack of a "donut" can use multiple volume gum hair, worn in the "tail".Technology, how to make a bundle by using rubber bands, is no different from the traditional way - the amount will be the same, although the shape of the beam can be non-ideal.
  • See how to make a bundle by using a donut on: to hide the upper fixing gum and remove excess hair strands.What can be done?The easiest way - is divided into two parts, locks and braid two braids.Give them the amount, stretching the loop, and secure their ends.Now place the spit so that they closed the space between the beam and the surface of the head.Kill the hair pins.

There are many options, how to make a bun.Use the "donut" can be placed not only on the crown, but also to do a low knot or asymmetrical, combining different plaits and braids.