As of beads to make a crocodile?

Crocodile Bead - a unique and original souvenir.It is perfect as a gift, or simply as a keyring.With its handle any manufacturer, because it is very easy to do.

This article will look at how to make a beaded crocodile.There are many options for its manufacture.The article described beading three-dimensional (because we all know that such a figure more interesting), presented three ways to manufacture the souvenir crocodile.Two of them are very simple, and the third a bit more complicated.

scheme crocodile of beads and material selection

under article we consider the production of a small crocodile.To weave a charm "Crocodile" Bead need:

  • beads №8 yellow and green colors and three pieces of black for the eyes and nose;
  • fishing line or wire.

in the manufacture of crocodile you will be beading lessons.An important consideration when working is to alternate rows of green and yellow beads.If the first row of green, the second is yellow.

Tier 1

strung on wire or twine 1 black (nose crocodile) and two green beads.Thread the left end of the fishing line or wire through the last 2 beads.Nose crocodile ready.

Step 2

two yellow beads strung on the right end of the fishing line or wire are bent them down and anchoring similar to step 1. This achieves the effect of an accordion.To create a crocodile belly yellow beads must be put down.Waist rise to the top.

Step 3

perform similar step 1, only the increased number of green beads to 3.Black in this case not needed.

Step 4 Repeat Step 2, only to take for 3 beads.

Step 5

Rows run 5 beads.In the first row - 3 green and 2 black (eyes).Then strung yellow 2, green 3.

Step 6

first knit 2 rows of 4 beads (beads 1 green, 1 - yellow), and then 2 rows of 3 similar to the previous two.The head is formed.

Step 7

Do paws.Produce them in two ways:

  1. strung 4 green beads and 1 yellow.Then stretch the line or wire strung through 4 initially.It turns a simple paw.
  2. used green beads 7, stretch twine or wire through them.Lapa came out with three fingers.

Step 8

forming the body of a crocodile.Please note that the number of beads in the back and abdomen differs by 1 unit.The upper part on one more.Scourge similarly to step 2. To back used green beads.The abdomen is made of yellow.First row: top - 4 beads, bottom - 3. Second spin - 5, abdomen - 4. Next, do a series of 4 to 6 (top) and 5 (bottom), respectively.

Step 9

Form the lower legs similarly to step 7.

Stage 10

Getting decrease.Back - green beads, belly - yellow.

  1. first row after the pads: 5 - Spin 4 - belly.
  2. second 4 - top, 3 - bottom.
  3. third: 3 beads on the back and abdomen.
  4. Follow 8 rows make 2 beads, they form the tail of a crocodile.
  5. culmination becomes 1 green bead.

This is the first way of how to make a beaded crocodile.

scheme crocodile with open mouth beaded

Another version of the original production of a souvenir.

choice of material for the manufacture of

souvenir "Crocodile" Bead need:

  • beads №8 yellow and green colors and three pieces of black;
  • wire.

to weave his mouth that will open, cook 2 pieces of wire.The first - a short (half of the length), the second - longest.

Step 1

on a short piece of wire skewer 5 green beads, stretch the left end of 3 and fixed.Then gradually increase the amount of up to 8 units with each row and fasten them.Once you have done all these steps, turn the upper part of the mouth.

Step 2 Take a long piece of wire and pletёm similar to step 1, apply yellow beads.Shaped lower part.

Step 3 In this step, you need to make the eyes of a crocodile.To this end, in addition to green, black beads strung 2, this series is lifted up, then weave 1 row yellow, it goes down a little down.

Step 4

Do paws.Produce them in three ways:

  1. strung 4 green beads and 1 yellow.Then stretch the line or wire strung through 4 initially.It turns a simple paw.
  2. Used 8 green.The wire is passed through the first 2.
  3. used green beads 7, stretch twine or wire through them.It turns paw with three fingers.

Step 5

formed body.Process:

  1. 4 rows of the scheme: the top - 8, bottom - 7;
  2. further 5 to 9 rows of the upper and 8 lower.

Step 6

hind legs are formed similarly to step 4.

Step 7

We produce tail.Each row is woven with a gradual decrease in the number of beads.

  1. 4 of the first row of the tail: 5 beads on bottom and top.
  2. 4 second - 4 pieces.
  3. 6 Third - 3 beads.
  4. fourth 6 - 2 pieces.Last
  5. - 1 bead.

This second method shows how to make a beaded surround crocodile.

Driving manufacture large crocodile

For variety, you can weave a large crocodile.He weaves similarly small.

This is the third version of how to make a beaded crocodile.In this model, in addition to the abdomen and the back, and more weave sides.It is necessary to use 11 pieces of thin wire and two thick pieces.The model turns out original and unlike the previous versions, it looks more natural.

Step 1 First, you must make the mouth.Take the first piece of wire and pletёm 10 rows of 8 beads, fixing each individually by pulling one end of the wire through a series of beads.Next 6 rows of 16 beads similar to the first ten.The upper part of the mouth form a similarly lower.

Step 2

Paws.They are made from a piece of thick wire.Weaving starts with 12 beads, their number gradually decreases until it comes to 3 pieces.The rest is done similarly.

Step 3

Next formed body.A sidewall composed of 15 rows, each of which includes 12 beads.The top of the body is attached to the head and sides.Weaving begins with four pieces, gradually increases and reaches the beads 25, and then again decreases to 4. Each row is secured by pulling one end through the beads in the opposite direction.Belly similarly lagging back.

Step 4

further weave the tail.It starts with 22 and ends with two beads, a reduction is carried out gradually, with the number of elements in each row is reduced by 2 units.The edge hardness of a piece of thick wire inserted strictly in the middle.

Volumetric weaving - is a fun and interesting challenge.Only at first it seems that it is very difficult, but with the above instructions to make a volume of crocodile, and can cope with it even a child.A ready-made crafts are ideal as a souvenir or gift.There are a variety of weaving a crocodile, you can also stop and the other figures.For example, tiger, dog, dolphin, pupa in a hat, and many others.Try to do this fun thing, and maybe it will be reborn in your hobby.Beading is a great exercise for developing children, in addition, they will receive an original toy, keychain or mobile phone.Now you know how to make a beaded crocodile.