Our Lady of Murom, Kazan, Vladimir: description, photos

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to pray icons?Everyone finds comfort in her.Someone asks for a relaxed and hassle-free way, someone prays for the health and well-being, and some are turning to God for help in business, study and work.Purpose of Orthodox icons - a separate issue that requires a comprehensive study.

Icon of the Mother of God Muromskaya

Today is still not clear as there are icons of the Mother of God.The legend about the life of the Virgin says that the same amount of "how many stars in the sky, but the exact number is known only icons of the Queen of Heaven."

Despite the large number of sacred images, one of the most revered icon of the Mother considered Muromskaya.Face of the Virgin especially revered in two regions of the Russian Federation: Moore and Ryazan.The image came to Russia from Byzantium at the beginning of the XII century.Then Murom Prince Constantine of God moved from Kiev to face Moore.It stores in the city's cathedral, which was the main reason for such a name.

What lies miraculous icon?

Our Lady Muromskaya considered miraculous.The stories depicted two weighty facts that allow us to make this conclusion.The first event associated with the adoption of Christianity.Prince Muromsky urged a settlement to accept Christianity, but pagans resisted this fact.After this, the prince took the image of the Virgin, and went out to the people.Our Lady Muromskaya do wonders: pagans decision variables, adopting Christianity.

second miraculous phenomenon is associated with the name of Bishop Basil of Ryazan I, in particular, we are talking about the amazing voyage of the Ob River.Basil I angry mob, lured the demon, accused of shameful behavior.This was the reason for the imposition of the death sentence of the bishop.Basil I prayed, and then pitched his episcopal robes, stood on it, and swam down the river.In his hands was Our Lady Muromskaya.After 6 hours, he reached the Old Ryazan.

What helps the image of the Virgin?

to ask for help, it is enough to read the prayer of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the place where you installed the Mother of God of Murom.What makes the holy image?The answer to this question will help the text of the prayer.First, asking for prayers that the gradopravitel have had the power and wisdom to conduct the right policy.That's why the face is the patron saint of Murom and Ryazan.Secondly, Orthodox believers are asked to give the mind and the mind, justice and truth, love and acceptance, obedience and patience.All the sick - healing, those who have offended - the fear of God, and the lost - the righteous path.

When in the Orthodox calendar day of remembrance?

Today, there are three memorable dates.

  • April 12 services are held St. Basil the Confessor.On this day the priests read kontakion St. Basil.
  • May 21, when it was first performed the miraculous icon of the act.
  • July 3 - the day of commemoration of Bishop Basil I, who sailed on the mantle in Ryazan.

Our Lady of Vladimir

List "Miraculous Icon of Russia" can not be imagined without this face.The history of the image to this day is full of secrets and mysteries.Including under the veil of secrecy is the appearance of the face and in Russia.The chronicles and legends There are different legends like got on the territory of a state icon of the Virgin.Photo face can be seen later in the article, but the original is kept in the Cathedral of the Assumption, which is located in Vladimir.

It is this fact has led to name the face - Vladimir.Throughout the ages kings, princes, priests and modern worldly people pray to the miraculous icon of Russia and including the image of the Virgin, asking to save the war, division, disease, fires and looting.

Our Lady of Kazan

¬ęgreat intercessor of Russia" - is the name in the home has an icon of the Virgin.Photos face of the Mother of God of Kazan can be seen in this article.

Kazan icon has a unique, amazing history, full of mysteries, miracles and enigmas.This image is enveloped by a mass of miraculous events, victories and ascents of the Russian tsars, the glory and joy.It is believed that the image of the Virgin to be in the house of every Orthodox Christian.Plea for help before the icon is sure to find an answer from the Holy Virgin.

Kazan Icon of the Mother of God in the first place symbolizes the ultimate victory of the Russian Empire over the Troubles.According to legend, in 1579 Otrokovice Matrona dream come Immaculate itself.She pointed to the place of his stay.In addition, the Russian army in any campaign, and before important battles (eg, Battle of Poltava) prayed in the face of the Virgin.During World War II he became the spiritual image of the Virgin voditelnitsy fighters and the population of Russia.

In honor of the Mother of God of Kazan built cathedrals and churches.Cathedral on Red Square was built after the expulsion of the Poles from the territory of Russia in the XVII century.Kazan Cathedral (1649), located in St. Petersburg, became a monument, and the face of the Blessed Virgin Mary - the keeper of the Russian army in the past and at the present stage.

Today in history known for miraculous healings that took place after the cries for help of the Blessed Virgin.The blind acquire a vision, dying get a chance to heal, and the sinners are on the path of righteousness.

Our Lady of Murom, Vladimir, Kazan - the sacred faces, who protect the population of Russia and the State itself.