Preparation of melt water in the home and its beneficial properties

Everyone knows that water sustains life and promotes the flow of all processes in the body.Of course, the cleaner it is, the more value we bring.Preparation of melt water in the home provides a liquid purified of contaminants, which are not able to cope even expensive filter.Make this water is a snap, and the power of each.Tell me, how do you get a miracle elixir of youth and longevity.

Good quality meltwater

has long been no secret that the melt water carries enormous benefits to the body.What is it different from an ordinary liquid?Firstly, in thawed water contains less harmful substances.Secondly, the ice has an ordered crystal-structure that interacts well with our cell.

Preparation of melt water in the home - a phenomenon quite frequent among connoisseurs of traditional medicine.Regular use of a liquid allows:

  • strengthen the immune system.
  • Clean and rejuvenate the body.
  • improve the blood and heart.
  • Speed ​​up your metabolism and lose weight.

In addition, the melt water helps to improve sleep and increase efficiency.People with high cholesterol, doctors recommend drinking melt water.It clears the body of toxins and wastes, so is considered one of the main causes of longevity.

What water use

As mentioned above, the preparation of melt water in the home - it fairly simple and does not require special skills.But before we proceed to it, is to find out what kind of water to use.The fact that some of the liquid may not only be useful but also harm the body.

It is best to take the freezing water, the filtered.It is not recommended to use a liquid, which was boiled several times.Tap water contains a lot of chlorine, which, when repeated heat treatment may promote the formation of cancer.

to prepare melt water in the home can not take ice or snow from the street.In their high content of harmful chemicals to get rid of them will be extremely difficult.Dust, dirt and exhaust fumes - all settles on the snow surface and penetrates into the ice.Better not to risk the health and renounce obtaining water outdoors.

How to cook a kind of water?Cooking melt water home

Proper preparation of melt water consists of three stages: primary and secondary freezing, thawing.We'll talk more about each process.

As we have said, the water should be passed through a filter and then pour it into the pan (necessarily enameled) or plastic bottle.It is worth remembering that during the freezing liquid expands, so does not need to be poured to the brim.After that, close the cover and send in the freezer.By the way, in the winter it can be taken out onto the balcony, so as not to occupy space in the refrigerator.

few hours later on the surface of the water formed deuterium ice.This frozen heavy water containing contaminants.A crust of ice on top must be removed.Then you pour the water has not frozen any dishes.It is not shelf meltwater.Cooking at home useful liquid takes a long time, but the result is worth it.Now you need to thoroughly clean the vessel wall from the deuterium ice.

Repeated freezing water

next step will not freeze all the water, and about 70% of its volume.Again, put a container of water in the cold and wait.This process is recommended to control the time, to continue to know how many hours freezes a certain amount of liquid.

Then pull out the ice and pour the unfrozen water.It is full of harmful impurities and salt solution, which contains the melt water.Cooking at home pure water is to get absolutely clear ice.To do this, place the ice floe under a stream of warm water and thoroughly washed out white and yellow seats.


This process should proceed on their own, under the influence of ambient temperature.Ice can be left in the same container in which it was frozen, but you can break off a piece of a knife and put it in a glass of water.

Remember that you can not speed up the process of melting by heating.This will lead to the disappearance of useful properties possessed by meltwater.How to cook it properly?Yes, just wait until the ice melts.This will take place gradually.You can drain the water in the glass as its accumulation in the vessel and drinking.

How to drink melted water

How useful is the melt water, how to cook it at home - you already know.And how to use this miracle drink?The daily dose of melt water is about two cups.Drink it should be in small sips.Otherwise, cold fluid can cause angina.

When heated to room temperature water gradually loses its beneficial qualities, so the next day she was in no way be different from the tap.The same applies to the heat treatment.Use this water in cooking, you can, but make much sense in this.

So, we told how to make a kind of water in the home.Now you can cook for yourself and enjoy the curative fluid well being and health.And most importantly - you will not have to spend money on filters and water purification systems.