How to remove restrictions from the game "Alawar": guide

"Alawar" - a well-known in gaming circles studio for the production of mini-games.However, not only small.The main feature of these projects is the ability to download them from the Internet and play for half an hour for free.As planned, the development if you like it, you'll have to send SMS with the code and obtain a key to activate, after which I will be able to play an unlimited amount of time.However, there are several ways in which you can enjoy a game you like without sending the SMS.Since restrictions to clean games "Alawar"?


The given Some methods may seem quite complex, while others - not very.Let's start with the fact that the reader will offer the most reliable method is to remove restrictions from the game "Alawar."More precisely, not clean.You can just download a hacked interesting game on the torrent tracker or site.

If you use a well-known trackers like Tfile or Rutracker, you can be sure performance Download version.Moreover, with the topic placed torrent you can always

ask the giver on how to run the downloaded toy.

If you shake with a third-party site, be sure to check the content for viruses.But do not rush to remove them.Anti-Virus may take a harmless "crack" to play for the Trojan.Be careful.

second option

think about how to remove restrictions from the game "Alawar", you probably noticed that many internet services offer download "cracks" for games.It is also quite a good way of breaking.The main thing, again, do not carry the virus on your computer.Action majority "cracks" boils down to the same:

  1. Install the game.
  2. Run "crack."
  3. Select in the search path to the executable file (.exe) toys.
  4. Click "Run".

breaking software automatically patch your application.This is perhaps the best way to remove restrictions from the game "Alawar" in 2013, and so on. N. Every year, information security systems are getting better, and the old ways are irrelevant, while developers are "cracks" work tirelessly for the good ofpiracy.

key generator

addition to "cracks" there are two ways to remove restrictions from the game "Alawar" with assistance.

  1. The first involves the use keygen.Or, in other words, the key generation program.In fact, this is the same attacker.After downloading the generator and the game you need to perform the following steps.Install and run the game.Press the activation button and copy the code you need to send SMS.After that you run the activator and paste the copied code.Cracking programs will give you a key that can activate the game.
  2. addition to a variety of programs for cracking can download the finished .exe file from your games with the already removed the restriction.But this method does not always work, and to place any infection on a computer is much easier than using other methods.


latter method describes how to remove restrictions from the game "Alawar" through the registry.Why the last?The fact that he had worked a long time ago, at the dawn of the computer industry.Currently crack game "Alawar" alone is very difficult and not always successful.

  1. Start the game and go to the menu activation.They choose the sub-payment via SMS.
  2. Before us there is a code that must be sent to the official number.We need numbers four through seven, if you count from left to right.For example, 4455.
  3. Now we can apply directly to the registry.Run his command regedit, writing a word in the search string "Start" menu.
  4. We are interested in HKEY_CURRENT_USER.It
  5. go to the folder Software, then "Alawar" - & gt;"play".You will then need to find the folder that has the same name as those 4 figures that you memorized earlier.Now go to the "trial" - & gt;"Alawar".
  6. in the right window, run the file "Program".There change to the decimal number system, then put out the setting to the maximum possible.

Everything can now enjoy your favorite game as much as you want.If the time is suddenly over, you're always in the same way it can be extended.However, thinking about how to remove restrictions from the game "Alawar", remember that everyone wants to eat.Even the developers of computer games.And the fact that you do not send an SMS-ku, means that someone does not get his salary.Programmers - not millionaires, and they appreciate every contribution for the works.