Quality management - a process which is essential to the production!

Another quarter of a century ago, the quality management process is to find ways to meet the demands of consumers.But technological progress forced manufacturers to reconsider the current approach.They began to focus not on the desire to even the most advanced users, and its own forecast changes in these desires.Much has changed over the years, but the quality management - is still one of the most important tasks for each company.

Many manufacturers now make the choice in favor of the so-called advanced quality.It is to them and is famous for Japanese products.Unlike the Americans, who have always tried to respond quickly to changing market conditions, the Japanese believed that the manufacturer knows best what can be improved in its own products.Interestingly, the Soviet defense industry, creating new models of military equipment, guided by the principle of just the timing of requests of potential customers.Reasoned Japanese and Americans, as usual, the story, and today quality management principles have changed significantly.Now it is believed that products should be designed taking into account all the possible improvements that can be done at this stage manufacturer.

Nowadays quality management - is not only the identification of possible defects, but their complete elimination at the stage of manufacturing.Of course, defect-free production - it is an unattainable goal, but to strive for it still need.Quality management - by today's standards it is primarily self-control.Workers should take only those consignments, which they believe are fit.If the test proves to be defective, then the whole batch will be returned to production.Using this principle, the manufacture of products significantly reduces the number of marriages at the expense of employees' interest in the product of their own labor.

Quality Management - a process that is difficult to imagine without preliminary calculations and computations.Statistical methods allow to find out how often you need to make some adjustments in the process of production.This allows you to save a lot of money without compromising quality.Also, competent quality management - is the focus not on the lowest and most competitive price for the materials needed for production.You can save the expense of establishing long-term partnerships with a small number of suppliers whose products meets all requirements.

should be noted that most manufacturers now believe that it is necessary not to seek the maximum possible from a technical point of view, the quality and the optimal, which will greatly reduce production costs.Therefore, we first need to analyze the conditions of activity and then move on to reform the entire system of manufacturing.