"Dark Alleys": an analysis of the story of Ivan Bunin

Bunin Ivan is one of the best writers of our country.The first collection of his poems appeared in 1881.Then he wrote the stories "on the edge of the world", "Tanya", "News from the homeland" and some others.In 1901 he published a new collection of "Falling Leaves" for which the author received the Pushkin Prize.

come to the writer popularity and recognition.He met with M. Gorky, AP Chekhov, Tolstoy.

At the beginning of the 20th century Ivan creates stories "Zahar Sparrows," "pine", "Antonovsky apples" and others in which the captured Russian nature, tragedy disadvantaged, poor people as well as destruction of estates of the nobility.

October Revolution and emigration

October Revolution Bunin perceived negatively, as a social drama.He emigrated in 1920 to France.There he wrote, among other works, a series of short stories titled "Dark Alleys" (analysis of the story of the same name from this collection we will just below).The main theme of the cycle - love.Ivan reveals not only the bright side of it, but also the dark, as evidenced by the very name.

fate of Bunin was also tragic and happy.In his art he has reached unsurpassed heights, the first of the domestic writers received the prestigious Nobel Prize.But he had lived for thirty years in exile, with homesickness and intimacy with her.

Collection "Dark Alleys"

These experiences served as an impetus to the creation of the series "Dark Alleys", which we will analyze.Collected in this abbreviated form first appeared in New York in 1943.In 1946 in Paris, it came out of the next edition, which includes 38 stories.Collection sharply differed in their content from being the theme of love habitually covered in Soviet literature.

Bunin Looking for love

Bunin was different from the others, his own view of this feeling.It was the final one - the death or separation, no matter how much the characters loved each other.Ivan thought that this feeling like a flash, but just that good.Love over time replaced by affection, which gradually turns into a way of life.Heroes Bunin denied this.They are going through a break up and a flash, enjoy it.

Consider the product "Dark Alleys".Analysis of the story, the opening cycle of the same name, will begin with a brief description of the plot.

plot of the story "Dark Alleys"

plot it is plain.Gen. Nikolai, an old man, arrives at the postal station and meets his beloved here, I had not seen for about 35 years.I hope he did not immediately recognize.Now she is - the owner of the inn, where once there was their first meeting.The hero discovers that all this time she just loved it.

story "Dark Alleys" continues.Nikolai tries to justify himself to the woman for something that is not visited her for so many years."Everything goes," - he says.But too insincere, the clumsy explanation.Hope General wise answered, saying that the youth takes place at all, and love - no.Woman rebukes lover that he callously dumped her, so she often wanted to kill herself, but is aware that it is now too late to reproach.

dwell on the story "Dark Alleys".Analysis of the product shows that Z does not seem to feel remorse, but Nadezhda right in saying that forgotten after all not all.The general also could not forget this woman, his first love.In vain, he asks her: "Go away, please."And he says that only God had forgiven him, and hope, it is clear already forgiven.But it turns out that there is.The woman acknowledged that she could not do it.Therefore, the general has to make excuses, apologize to his former mistress, saying that never was happy, but his wife loved without memory, and she threw the Z's, betrayed him.Son loved, had high hopes, but it turned out it squirt, ILO, without honor, heart and conscience.

whether to keep old love?

analyze the work of "dark alley".Analysis of the story shows that the feelings of the main characters do not fade away.It becomes clear that there is an old love, the characters of the work they love each other still.Before leaving, the general admits to himself that this woman gave him the best moments of life.For betraying his first love avenging hero fate.Not found happiness in the life of the family Z ("Dark Alleys").An analysis of his experience proves it.He realizes that missed bestowed once the fate of chance.When General tells the driver that the hostess, this gives money at interest, and very "cool", although it is true: did not return on time - so blame yourself, Nikolai these words projects on his life, thinks that it would beif he had not thrown this woman.

What prevented Fortunately the main characters?

At one time class prejudices prevented to connect the fate of the future of the general with a commoner.But the love of the heart of the hero is gone and prevented to be happy with another woman, worthy to educate his son as our analysis shows."Dark Alleys" (Bunin) - a work that has a tragic tinge.

Hope also brought the love throughout his life and eventually turned out to be one, too.For causing suffering to forgive the hero she could not because it was in her life dearest man.Nikolai was unable to break the established rules of society, did not dare to act against them.After all, he marries General on the hope he would meet contempt and misunderstanding of others.And the poor girl had nothing to do, how to conquer fate.In those days were bright possible avenues of love between a peasant and a gentleman.This problem is already public, not personal.

The dramatic fate of the main characters

Bunin in his work, wanted to show the dramatic fate of the main characters, who were forced to give up being in love with each other.In this world, love was doomed, and particularly fragile.But she highlighted all their life, will forever remain in the memory of the best moments.Romantic-beautiful story, albeit dramatic.

Bunin in his work "Dark Alleys" (analysis of the story that we now spend) is a cross-cutting theme of love motive.It permeates all creation, thereby linking emigre and Russian periods.That it allows the writer to relate to the phenomena of external life emotional experiences, as well as closer to the mystery of the human soul, based on the influence on him of objective reality.

That completes the analysis of the story Bunin's "Dark Alleys".Love everyone understands in his own way.It's an amazing feeling is still not solved.The theme of love is always relevant, because it is the driving force behind many human actions, the meaning of our lives.This conclusion leads, in particular, our analysis."Dark Alleys" Bunin - a tale that even its name reflects the idea that this feeling can not be understood until the end, it is "dark", but at the same time beautiful.