50 shades of gray: Interesting ideas for the interior

Grey has become extremely popular color in recent years.His many shades and tones relished and designers, and owners of apartments and houses.The current trend of stylish and elegant interior with clean and simple lines - one more confirmation of such attention to him.This is an amazing backdrop for the bright color accents, which underline its elegance and restraint.

quiet residential

believed that the bedroom should reflect the personality of the owner, but this does not mean that it has to become a real frenzy of colors.Gray promises a modern interior with a peaceful and balanced aura.The cold blue-gray and silvery smart shades offer the perfect harmony of style and purity.

much easier to find accessories, luxurious bedding and pillows, selected in accordance gray tones than some exotic flowers.When you have already created a perfect gray background, you can select and change the accents depending on mood and fashion trends.

Luxury living

Grey is perfect for the living room.If the white color is used to create pristine pure background of gray helps to create a complex, yet stylish background.Because the nature of the living room less private than the bedroom or bath, most often it is used for discreet colors and earth tones.In a room with good lighting, you can try and cool shades of gray, and warm colors are suitable for compact living room in which you want to create a feeling of spaciousness.

neutral natural color allows infinitely experiment with decor and accessories.The combination of different shades of gray - a great idea, providing opportunities without departing significantly from the main theme.

Kitchen and dining

Kitchen Grey unusual traditions usually dictate the choice of white and shades close to it.But in the last few years the gray copes with the task of creating stunning ergonomic interiors.More and more designers are using shades of gray as dominant.They are ideal for homes located in warm areas with sufficient lighting.

Since the kitchen is usually equipped with several levels of various types of lighting, then it is most often no dark corners, which will turn it into a dark space.And if you add warm colors such as red, green and yellow, and a wooden or metal accessories, and the impersonality of it is not threatened.

Ergonomic bath and home offices

The biggest fear in relation to gray - is the possibility of obtaining a sterile, monotonous interior.But it can be avoided with the help of a creative use of bright colors.White-gray bathtub may look like a spa center of the house.It perfectly fit the stone, glass and wood, which will help create a unique and interesting space.Home offices, corridors and recreation areas in gray tones will also look great.

Neutrality - the main advantage of gray.This is a wonderful background for experiments with living hues such as fuchsia or orange.Particularly harmonious interior will turn gray-yellow tones.Even monochrome interior will look more interesting than white.

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