How to write articles that will be read to the very end

you want to learn how to write articles that will be read, and not "run them diagonally?"You decide to start your own online diary or blog?From this material you will learn how to write articles, make headlines, execute and break the text into parts, where better to start than in the article and her best finish.Learn, shakes on mustache!

Many novice writers think, "Now sit down and write an article on any relevant topic!".Perhaps the theme really is quite interesting to a wider audience, but the success of the article is not in the least dependent on the proper supply of the material.

First of all, the text should be a clear structure.In our subjective opinion, the most optimal structure of the following articles:

  • title,
  • administration,
  • main part,
  • conclusion (conclusion).

The task of each part of the article - to keep the reader's attention and invite him to continue his familiarization with the material.

no matter what resource will be posted your article.If you want to read your text, you need to interest the potential reader to throw him a "bait" in the form of interesting, juicy names.So, how to write articles to "correct" the title?How should it be?

1. First of all, the title should really "cling" potential reader that he wanted to click on it and find out about what is discussed below.

2. The title should reflect the essence of the article, but did not disclose all the secrets, ieread the headline, and you will soon become clear, as will be discussed further, but you still want to know, and what you want to tell the author.

3. The title should read "at a time", as they say in one breath.Long barely perceived by the person.

main purpose of the introduction - to induce the reader to continue to read the article.It should contain some kind of a benefit, the benefit to be received by the reader, if the finish reading the text until the end.You can use expressions such as "reading this article, you'll learn ...", "certainly has happened to you ...", "... imagine the situation."So, in this article, the reader was promised to tell you how to write articles that will be read from the beginning to the end.

The main part of the need to develop a theme, to give answers to these questions, maybe give some tips and advice.It is advisable to use lists - ordered and unordered.Welcome subtitles - they allow the reader to easily navigate within the body of the text.

In conclusion, you need to summarize once again to summarize the main idea to focus on the fact that, after reading this article, people will be able to solve a problem.

Let's talk about the design.Breakdown paragraphs - a prerequisite how to write articles that people will read.Solid text is read with difficulty, if at all to read.But there should be a sense of proportion.Do not do paragraphs anywhere, just so - for beauty.One paragraph - a complete thought, and the second - one complete thought.

Dilute text suitable pictures.Just do not overdo it.

If possible, supported by the facts and figures quoted in your article, reliable sources, for example: "British scientists have found ..." "According to the statistics ...."

And finally - a few words about grammar.It should be flawless.If the Russian language at school you had a solid "three", it is better not to take up writing articles at all or take advantage of the corrector, becauseto spell check in MS Word does not have to hope.

talk about what you have learned and what they have learned.Now you know how to properly structure the story, you know, what should be every single element of it, what are the requirements for the text.Do you think the question of how to write articles to be read to the end, still relevant?