A few tips on how to make a presentation

We live in the twenty-first century.In the world of high technology, which have become an integral part of our lives.All scientific and technical innovations constantly penetrate into the various spheres of activity and displace their predecessors.It is hard to imagine a modern man with a great diplomat, and a pile of papers.In place of the long and tedious reports came to the presentation.It is much easier to meet new things for us through them.But not every one of us knows how to make a presentation.

Before you start, you have to determine for what audience you are creating it.Consider a few options on how to make the presentation.

Very often, people create such a slide show for work.Presenting the draft of a new shopping center, a business plan or a product advertisement with their help, you can count on success, as this approach your audience will appreciate.

In this case, you must adhere to the following points:

1. Present the product.
2. intrigued audience.
3. Present advantages over other products.
4. Summarize.

important to remember that the presentation must contain a minimum of text and more pictures.You should carefully select the beautiful themes for them.Then the audience will learn the material better.You can also insert a variety of charts and graphs.Transitions between images and relaxing music in the background to help the audience better to learn the material, but only if the presentation does not have a business style.
Below is a guide, which details how to arrange a presentation.

They are divided into two types: linear and nonlinear.The first group can be made in the program Power Point, which is installed as standard with the package Microsoft Office.
second group has more features, but also requires more knowledge.Create a non-linear presentation you can program Visual C ++ or in Borland Delphi.
consider linear, because they are more popular.

First we choose colors that will work.For example, the formulation of presentation of your company should include blue, green, beige tone.They focus the audience's attention and emphasize the business style.Taking a delicate pink, red, yellow color, you will create a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.Do not choose more than two colors.Stick originally selected palette.To focus the audience's attention on a certain fragment of the slide, you can take it to the frame or to insert below it.

very important to keep the number of slides.If you create a presentation in business style, then you should be limited to ten.For a course or research work can increase their number to twenty.

When you create a presentation remember about:

1. Keywords.
2. The main idea of ​​the presentation.
3. The purpose (possibly more than one) to it - three or four goals.
4. Urgency.
5. expects an audience.
6. Specific abstracts on each slide.
7. The final result.
8. Estimated effects.

for a successful presentation, you must adhere to these items.

Pictures.In any presentation should be pictures, but only case.Text must always be less than one-third than the images.A well-chosen pictures - the key to successful presentation!

out of style for the text is best to choose Times New Roman or Tahoma.The main font size - 14. Highlight the headers bold or underline.Apart from them, we can note the main ideas to sharpen them special attention.

In a presentation, you can insert sound effects.If it is a business, the music must be solemn and without sharp fluctuations.Best of all without words.There are ready-made beautiful themes for presentations available for free downloading from the Internet.

Your presentation shows the main points of your work and thesis.In addition it must be present voluminous information material.In a demonstration of each slide you need to spend up to two minutes.Also, for convenience, you can put a time frame slide show.Before the performance required to work out a couple of times and banish self-presentation.

Do not forget about hyperlinks.I'm sure your listeners are pointed attention to some points.And you can be very useful useful hyperlinks to quickly return to the material.

By following these instructions, you will be able to understand how to make the presentation, the main thing - to take seriously the matter!