In life, there are often situations where your loved ones or colleagues quarrel.On the one hand, better and much smarter not to meddle in other people's affairs.And on the other - it does not intervene if the quarrel, one way or another, affects you?It is not easy to live in an atmosphere of constant conflict.But to be conciliatory, too, it is not easy: you need to be very sensitive and careful, because if something goes wrong, you risk to aggravate the quarrel or even scold ourselves with those who are trying to reconcile.However, there are some simple rules to help you cope with the mission of reconciliation.

Rule № 1. Before you intervene in a quarrel, find out whether they want to do that parties to the conflict.Ask each of them if you can help them clarify the situation and try to reconcile them.But in any case do not impose their assistance and do not be offended if people reject it.Remember, it's all the same to them.

Rule № 2. Do not attempt to reconcile the people immediately after the altercation.When still seething emotions and resentments are too fresh and strong, do not insist on peace talks, otherwise fall under the hot hand.Give people time to cool down and recover.When the dust settles passion, they will be easier to make a step towards reconciliation.

Rule № 3. Most likely, each of the arguments of opponents will seek to attract you to their side, do not fall into this trap - to remain neutral.Many conflicts occur because of miscommunication, so it is important to look at the situation from the outside.So you will be easier to understand the cause of the disorder and help negotiate quarreled.

Rule № 4. Your loved ones need to know that you are not a hypocrite and do not play with someone for one thing, and then you can judge them fairly.Do not tell anyone of the participants that he was right, because there is some quarrel guilt of each party.

Rule № 5. in the reconciliation process, you can learn a lot of negative about the participants of the conflict, it can be as speculation about the motives of actions or even privacy.Do not hurry to trust this information, follow his speech, if one of the quarreling know something extra about the other, quarrel breaks out with a bang and directly affect you.

Rule № 6. not persuade quarreled hush up the conflict, and to pretend that nothing happened.Just put the record straight i can understand what to do, so that the conflict will not happen again.

Rule № 7. quarreled on the segment refuse to negotiate?It is their right.Maybe they are not yet ready, and maybe hurt too much.You just have to accept it.

Remember these rules and you will be able to reconcile their loved ones.Know fond memories chase an offense and is easier to reconcile with a man when you understand why he did it.