How to find the Optimist?

person - it's a small world in which there is his notion of good and evil, happiness and well-being.When winning and when to retreat, but we understand.People who do not want to feel pain from the wounds of the soul, rather try to forget them or retrieve valuable lesson from the situation for themselves.People who think negatively, to reopen old wounds for a long time and are absolutely convinced that they were not lucky in life.

Many of the problems we are creating in their attitude to life.Psychologists say that if you want a pessimist may be optimistic, but for this you need to work on yourself.Develop a positive attitude towards life simple exercises will help, but to do them every day!

good memories. At the end of the day to sum up and try to recall at least three good things that happened to you.It may even be a trifle - for example, on the way home you have heard the nightingale, or in the evening with your partner, you went for a walk and ate amazingly delicious ice cream, and you did quit

e a compliment familiar person.Over time, you learn to find something good in every day of his - and no matter whether it was good for you.Those who use this technique, say two weeks improved mental state.

Throw bad thoughts.Many prevent to live life to the fullest bad memories, disturbing thoughts and feelings.We seem to dive into them and drown.If you know such a state, learn to switch attention to something good every time, when you start to think about the bad.Do not let negative emotions and thoughts take on themselves the upper hand.In your minds should be clearly stated what you can and can control the process of thinking.Studies have shown that in three weeks at the person the habit does not allow himself to think about the bad.But we need to do it consistently, therefore, proceed.

Will meditation.If very difficult to switch attention from negative thoughts to positive, try to meditate.Eastern practice helps to get rid of the psychological locks, but on condition that you will spend sessions daily.

- Sit down, relax, focus on your breathing.Slowly count backwards from 10 to 1, imagine that you leave to the river and see the boat.You decide to take a walk around the lake, we go down the boat into the water and go into it.Take a paddle and start rowing.

- feel that the boat is very hard and you are very hard to row, you notice on the bow of the boat a lot of heavy bags, that's why it is difficult to paddle.

- you go to the bow of the boat and pick up the first bag with the word "Alarm" and throw him overboard, rowing has become easier, but prevents something else.

- You go back to the bags and throw away the next, with the word "fear" row is even easier, but there is some resistance.

- it was the turn of the last bag.This time it's a bag with the words "Low self-esteem."

- Now you are free, and enjoying a walk, easy to glide across the water.

- Take a deep breath and exhale slowly.The lesson of meditation is over.

right mood. Psychologists believe that those who rarely smiles, he can not think optimistically.Thus it is necessary to smile was genuine and not manipulative.But if a bad mood, or someone told you something bad, I do not feel like smiling.What to do?

Experts advise to do so.Close your eyes and think of something that makes you positive emotions: the child, amusing animals, funny situation, the anecdote ... As a result, you could not help smile, the mood will be better and the bad thoughts go away.

Do not be afraid to be different. be optimistic - not to look at the world through rose-colored glasses.Instead you need to perceive reality as it is, without exaggerating and downplaying the positive qualities of things.Occasionally good to be pessimistic, to have a critical attitude, but there are times when you need to cheer yourself, set to good.In general, we must be able to be different, subject to the intuition and the requirements of the moment.That's when you feel free and enjoy life.