Fundamental rights and duties of citizens of the Russian Federation

rights and duties of citizens of the Russian Federation as a whole coincide with similar lists of all the progressive states of the world.In our country, the relevant rules are governed by the supreme law - the Constitution, to be more precise - its second chapter.In the most important document of the country noted that the list of civil liberties and human rights are in no way detracts from the importance of other fundamental natural rights.

rights and duties of a citizen of the Russian Federation according to the Constitution of the Russian Federation

main law of our state while fixing the basic rights and freedoms of the human person implies a priori non-alienation and their naturalness.The right of any person are limited to such a limit, when they come into conflict with the rights of others and would entail restrictions on their civil liberties.One of the main provisions of the legal section of the Constitution is the principle of equality before the law and the judiciary, regardless of gender, nationality, political opinion, race, religious beliefs, social, official or property status, and so on.Civil law is based on the ideas of philosophers and humanists of modern times implies that the right to life, protection of private property, personal inviolability, dignity and privacy of correspondence and other similar natural needs.

Political rights and duties of citizens of the Russian Federation

The Constitution states clearly stated that the supreme and the only source of power in the country - the Russian people.However, the whole bureaucratic apparatus, and all the authorities are seen as executors of his will.According to the law, every citizen has the right to directly participate in managing the affairs of their country.Such involvement can take two forms: mediated - that is, the right to elect political forces and representatives of the state apparatus;direct - the right to be elected to the organs of government.

socio-economic rights and duties of citizens of the Russian Federation

These rights are also spelled out in the articles of the main law that comes from the fact that each person is free to use his abilities and property for the sake of realization of business objectives.Of course, if they are in no way contrary to the existing legislation.Social rights of Russian citizens assume the right to work, fair remuneration for their work with clear minimum.This also applies to the right to own private property.However, the responsibilities of our compatriots also have a certain list of requirements.Among them timely payment of taxes in accordance with the established by the legislation, perform military duty and so on.

spiritual rights and duties of citizens of the Russian Federation

In the cultural sphere of the domestic legislation implies the right to choose its own way in the realization of their abilities, the right to accurate information about events in the country and the world, ecologically clean environment, and so on.