Our stars are so much alike!

Any profession imposes its imprint on man, often so clear that many members of the same profession seem to be the same.The stars in this sense is not an exception.They are sometimes also very similar to each other.It concerns and habits, and melodies ... and even facial features.

Ā«Life" decided to look for similarities between Russian and Western celebrity stars.And the results were immediate.Although sometimes they were quite unexpected ...

Our Alsu proved terribly similar to Jessica Alba!But she is better.Because our ... And pregnant regularly.

Dmitry Singers very similar to Shonna Connery.So it looks like it could impersonate Dzhymsa Bond.He starred in action movies, like women driving around on a motorbike and loves suits.Only on the roofs of them is not running.Fights also good.Only, unlike Bond, not enemies, and journalists.But these are trifles.

Ornella Muti and Alina Kabaeva very resemble two cats.

eyes, wide cheekbones.And they have similar hairstyles.

Liza Minnelli and Lolita generally look like twins.We can say that Lolita - this is our response to their Minnelli.Both sing, dance, in films and participate in a variety of all sorts of shows.And both just love musicals.Liza Minnelli became famous thanks to the participation in "Cabaret" and Lolita has played a major role in the musical "Chicago."

Julia Savicheva and Avril Lavigne compose very similar songs and performed them under the same guitar.They have a stunningly similar facial expressions.Well, hairstyles, of course.

If Bilan grow a mustache and lower bangs on the forehead - get the spitting image of Johnny Depp.So in the next scene splitting Jack Sparrow is no need to strain your computer, you need to invite Dima.

Penelope Cruz and Tina Kandelaki is clearly native sisters.Just one of the twins was taken from Georgia to Spain.There she settled down and famous ... In general, it is necessary to apply the writers thought: a good series to be released.As usual, one that grew up in the West, bolder and remove naked.And it is that in the East ... She still all ahead.

singer Glucose and supermodel Natalia Vodianova.They can be easily interchanged, only more glucose and have a voice.

To distinguish between these two macho Chadova, who played a major role in the film "Heat" and Keanu Reeves starring in "The Matrix," one red pill will be enough.That is because, damn matrix, clones ponadelat!

Jeanne and Amy Winehouse Aguzarova similar not only in appearance: both stunningly talented, both completely unmanageable.And like drugs.

How Ksenia Sobchak, and the star of TV series "Sex and the City" Sarah Jessica Parker is very sexy.True, part of a porn video on the Internet Ksenia great jump on an opponent.And in regard to the scandal, Sarah with her compete.

Zhanna Friske and Kylie Minogue loves to dance.Both.And Australia is not closer to Europe and America than Russia.So why Kylie knows the whole world and Friske - once we ?!

According to the newspaper "Life"