The luckiest people in the world.

Everything in life is relative.And even the most fortunate people in the world are not always the happiest.Do not believe me?Let the learned in three different stories.

Frain Selak.The luckiest man from Croatia

This lucky managed to survive in terrible accidents.It all started in January 1962.The young music teacher traveling on a train from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik.For unknown reasons, the composition at full speed derailed.The situation is complicated by the fact that the ill-fated part plunged into the icy waters of the river flowing along the paths.For seventeen passengers this trip was the last.Frayne has got hypothermia and a broken arm.A year later it was waiting for a new trial.The plane, which was flying the unfortunate lucky, at a great height inexplicably threw the door.The only survivor was the hero of our story.A kind of life-saving cushion for him was a haystack.All other air passengers were killed.Three years later, Selak survived a terrible car accident, once again successfully escaped with only a couple of scratches.In 1970 and 1973, his car suddenly caught fire, but Frayne was all uneasy.In 1995, he was hit by a bus, but the man survived again.A year later, he left the road in a mountainous area.Safely clinging to tree, Frayne watched as his car exploded in flight in the bottomless pit.That's really who does not need to think about how to be lucky!The climax of the amazing events taking place this lucky was the winning one million dollars.

The luckiest people in the world: Major Sammerfold - the man who chased lightning

first time a flash of lightning struck the young officer in 1918.At the time of the tragedy, he fought on the fields of Finland.A lightning strike was so powerful that the Major fell from his horse.The officer was paralyzed, but he was able to return to active life.In 1924 Sammerfolda waiting another test.It was the second time struck by lightning while fishing.As a result, the right side of his body was completely immobilized.However, two years later, he got stronger so that he could take a walk in the park.Who would have thought that while walking in the shade of the trees again overtake the unfortunate lightning!After this tragedy, Mayor never recovered.He died two years later.However, the story does not end there.The monument on his grave was razed by lightning ...!

The luckiest people in the world: John Lyne

This person can boast that they had survived sixteen tragedies directly threatened his life.A series of trials began in childhood.The boy broke his arm after falling from a tree.So the first time he found himself in the hospital.On the day when he was discharged, he had an accident.And it happened right on the way home from the hospital.John also stayed alive after a sudden collapse in the mine, lightning and falling into the hatch at work.Not surprisingly, the nickname of the man - disaster.He once suffered in two accidents.So, John fell from the cart, and then it moved to the van!

As you can see, the most fortunate people in the world are not so minions of fortune.You would not want to be in their place, is not it?