Amethyst Stone: Gem magical properties.

Amethyst - a quartz purple, from subtle hue to dark tones.Under prolonged exposure to sunlight begins to fade dark amethyst.

Amethyst stone.Magical properties

Wearing this gem need when disturbed anxiety and emotion.It is better to wear amethyst necklace or ring with the quartz.Lovers frequently give their elected representatives is the stone as a sign of a long love.In the past, if a person has lost their spouse / y, he always carried with him amethyst as a symbol of loyalty to his partner who left.Therefore, in common mineral called "widow's stone."

Amethyst Stone: the magical properties of gems in love

magical properties of stones are very diverse, it is believed that it can be used to develop the internal capacity of the person.The tablets described drevnegaumerskih that amethyst is able to engender a love of the giver of stone, even if we take it to the last man was in love with another.Therefore betrothed or married couples living in any case it is not necessary to take into gift ware, inlaid with this gem.

Amethyst Stone: magical properties for different civilizations

The ancient Greeks believed that the quartz promotes rejuvenation of the body, removes freckles, wrinkles and age spots.In ancient Rome, the mineral was placed into a glass of alcohol, it was believed that he will protect the person from intoxication and even neutralizes poisons.Amethyst put under the pillow before going to sleep, in order to prevent nightmares.Could also help insomnia, encourage sweet dreams, amethyst stone.

magical properties.Talisman for signs of the zodiac.Proper use

Do not wear the stone lions and calves.Especially useful it is Libra, Gemini and Aquarius.If you wear a stone with him constantly, only then it really will help its owner.But you should always remember that this gem can easily change your mood and, if the owner during conflicts or troubles at work was in possession of the purple quartz, it can tune in to a host negative energy that will lead to bad consequences.Therefore, even after a minor conflict or quarrel with amethyst product should be held 5 minutes under running water to give a stone to calm down.Different frame for a stone also affect his energy.If you wear it in a frame of silver, stone promotes friendly meetings, business contacts who exactly will end successfully.


Many people consider amethyst symbol of sincerity, peace, goodness and sincerity.There are many other, less common names of mineral and its varieties: bishop stone, dumpling, Bacchus stone, the stone of St. Matthew.The name of the mineral is derived from the Greek legend of the nymph Amethyst.

amethyst.The value in the field of alternative medicine

infertile women gem helps in conception, and men - to establish family relationships.Gold frame in which quartz is worn around the neck, leading to the body energy balance.Immersed in water overnight and amethyst charges it helps with colds.Stone strengthen memory, will contribute to the treatment of skin diseases and nervous system, helps to control your emotions, to protect man from drunkenness.