Development management in Russia

Development management in Russia is now one of the priorities of different types of business managers.Not all entrepreneurs manage to properly manage material and human resources.Unfortunately, most small businesses do not pay enough attention to the fundamentals of the business and affairs of the economy.

Today, there are two important problems of management in Russia.

Firstly, the real state of the domestic economy is very different from the conditions in which the birth took place its Western management principles, but which is oriented Russian economy.The essence of this problem is to choose the tools provided for its solution.In other words, domestic economists do not take into account the fact that if you use the experience of Western European countries get a result, in many respects different from the expected.

Secondly, the development of management in Russia is associated with such a problem as a discrepancy proper level of competence of modern business executives.This fact may lead to incorrect decisions in managing.Until recently, the category of managers was formed from experts, showing themselves to be professionals in the previous posts.And reaching each new level, they continue on the administrative ladder to the highest management positions.

management problem lies in the fact that, taking a managerial position, a manager is a specialist without the basic skills of personnel management and the enterprise.That is why, before taking certain decisions, the leader must obtain a minimum set of knowledge, based on the study of a minimum of practice adapting to the Russian economy.

One of the typical mistakes that leaders - the complete exclusion of the activity itself, which aims to create a management system.In general managers believe that, by taking on a job, the task is completed in full.And so the construction of effective management becomes a concern only one specialist in the complete indifference on the part of all staff.This approach to the management of the organization to achieve success is difficult.

well as all the above we can add that the development of management in Russia is accompanied by problems such as the management of employment, bank management, crisis management, and application of information technology in management.The most important achievement in the performance of this sector of activity - to set priorities in addressing the problems described above.

For greater understanding of the management should consider the stages of development management in Russia.

This industry has evolved since ancient times.Activation of management views on management dates back to the 16th century, which is characterized by fragmentation and elimination of the federal union of all the markets together.

significant contribution to the history of management made Catherine II in the 18th century.To improve the management of Russia was divided into 50 provinces, headed by governors.In addition, each of the provinces is still divided into several counties (average 10-15).

Development management in Russia continued under Alexander I. In the 19th century took place the establishment of ministries, and further reforms have been implemented, such as peasants, rural and urban.

At the beginning of the 20th century P. Stolypin reforms were proposed in the area of ​​territorial self-government, which involves the use of different systems of elections and the elimination of social class hierarchy in the state administration.

It is in this direction and continued further development of management in Russia, the effectiveness of which is still dependent on government.