How to fry the potatoes they know everything.

Chips like it.Even those who are "sitting" on a diet, resist this delicious dish can not.But everyone knows how to fry a potato?

easiest and most correct way of preparing fried potato is the basis for many, many variations on this theme.

Before frying potatoes - a classic manner to, or with various additives (mushrooms, eggs, ham), on any kind of fat - you need to root carefully select (potatoes must be healthy, with no rot), wash, clean and dry.This first stage is unchanged and is required for any method of cooking chips.

At some fat to cook it?It is a matter of taste, but you need to know that butter potatoes quickly burns on margarine - not very tasty and useful in lard (melted or bacon) - it is quite another to turn the dish.Experienced chefs prefer cooking oil or melted butter.

To salt the potatoes need only when he has a semi-soft.If the salt before you get plenty of potato rather than fries.

first method.Potatoes roasted slices

per serving, we need to take 2-3 potatoes medium size, 50 grams of vegetable oil.A large frying pan put on the fire, warm up well and pour oil.Murphy cut crosswise into thin circles.To each circle fry gently laid them on the bottom of the pan and turn over, as soon as one side is browned slices.Now you can add salt.If the circles do thin (1-2 mm), then this heat treatment is sufficient.If they have turned out slightly thicker after frying, reduce the heat and close the pan for 5 minutes.

butter, added to the already prepared dish, give it a special taste.Serve with fresh vegetables and herbs.

second method.Fried potatoes with onions

One onions peel and finely chop.Fry in 50 grams of vegetable oil until golden brown.Thinly sliced ​​potatoes put in a pan with butter and fried onions and cook until ready, stirring all the time.

same dish can be prepared this way: before frying the potatoes, a bit cool oil with onion and strain.On the resulting oil cook the onion potatoes.Served hot with chopped dill and chives with fresh vegetable salad.

The third way.Potatoes with bacon cracklings

do bacon - specially prepared lard.It can be salted, smoked, with garlic, red pepper, dill - all delicious.Fry the potatoes can be any.Bacon cut into small pieces, put on a hot frying pan and quickly fry.If you do not love yourself cracklings, they can be gently pull out of the heated with oil.On it we fry potatoes.Serve just warm, with fresh herbs.

fourth way.French fries

This dish has many fans in restaurants and fast food is cooked on special equipment.But how to fry a potato "fries" at home?

To prepare two servings we need 4 potatoes and at least a glass of vegetable oil and 250 grams of fat frying.In a saucepan with a thick bottom and walls of the fat is heated to boiling.Tubers are cut into bars (no more than a centimeter thick).Small portions omit these wedges in the pan for 8-10 minutes.A small sieve or colander set in the bowl, laid a paper napkin or towel.Skimmer lay in the sieve Potatoes ready to soak in the fat tissue.Season with salt.Serve hot with different sauces or ketchup.

Choose how - how to fry the potatoes for you.Much depends on whether you are applying it as a separate dish, or it is a side dish to meat, fish.