What is the right to operate a student?

The main problem faced by working students - is the reluctance of employers to provide leave to surrender and examinations and preparing the Diploma ...

Losing employees

submitting employee-student in the next long-term leave, the company loses a full-time unit,and therefore income.

discontent employers exacerbated by the fact that now in some universities the number of sessions reaches five per year.That is, an employee can bring a challenge from the institute, not only in January and June, but in any other month, and the employer will have to give him leave.

for taking tests and examinations of working students of first and second courses can get a leave of 40 working days, and older students can qualify for 50 days of leave.

for preparation and protection of final qualifying work the employer is obliged to provide its employee-student four months to pass the final state exams - one month.

addition to school holidays, students also have the right to leave work earlier than other employees.The fact that the training of part-time, part-time and evening form allows workers to demand shorter working hours for 10 months before graduation.And ask how you can provide additional output and reduce working time by one hour.Holidays are not for everyone

right to educational leave is only for university students, state-accredited.Also, study leave granted to students who receive the first higher education.

However, if you want to get paid leave for the delivery of the session, you need to learn successfully, that is, you should not be listed academic debts.However, university Losers can rely on unpaid leave.

University student, having no accreditation can obtain study leave in the event that it is written in the employment or collective agreement.An employee who receives a second "tower" has the right to leave, only if it was sent to study the employer.

interesting that the right to paid holidays, students have evening and correspondence departments.Those who study full-time, can only rely on unpaid leave, because it is believed that they are receiving a scholarship in his high school, which means that work for them is not necessary.Student responsibilities

Since not every employer is willing to show the wonders of altruism trudoustraivaya students in their own enterprise, many students choose not to report on the interview about his training.However, lawyers are advised to still prevent the employer in advance.Perhaps in the future you decide to take advantage of the guarantee, which provides for you the Labour Code, therefore, warn the employer about this - is your responsibility.

should remember that students are not allowed to go on leave without an official document confirming that he was losing session.To get laid leave, the employer is required to bring a certificate from the university call.

Alexander Ilyin

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