Gender - this is just sexual identity or broader concept?

Concepts such as gender, gender identity and gender psychology is now on everyone's lips.So what is gender?This concept is much broader than just the individual belonging to a particular gender.The biological sex of the subject shall not be altered throughout his life (except for surgery).Gender is also a rather psychological characteristics, which tends to change in the course of development of society, and not the same in different cultures and communities.


So what is gender?The definition of this concept is to describe the entire behavior of the complex, which characterizes the subject as a man or as a woman.It should be noted here that the physiological aspects play a secondary role.First of all gender - a socially conditioned human model, which defines its position in society.The concept of gender includes a set of cultural and social norms prescribed human society depends on the physiological sex.In other words, gender - that's what traits a person must possess as a man or as a woman.Thus, gender roles are determined by the characteristics of the society in which man lives.It should also be noted that a biological man can not have a gender identity to men as well as women.

problem of gender identity

How then comes the formation of gender in society as it assimilates sex-role characteristics, what problems arise if this is not happening?Formation and construction of gender identity of the subject throughout life - this is the issue of gender as a social concept.In the process of becoming a person goes through several stages of construction of gender identity.First - it is actually gender identity.The subject is aware of his belonging to a particular biological sex, is aware of his body.In the second stage, the training and the adoption of social roles inherent in the floor in a given society.Finally, the third step is carried out the completion of the structure of gender identity;a person perceives themselves as part of the social structure, it builds a corresponding relationship between the sexes.Thus, the gender - an integral part of the functioning of society, it can line up some relationships, a system of social stereotypes, etc.

concept of gender in public view

I'm sure many have heard such statements as "a real man should be ...", "woman stuck ..." etc.This system of social stereotypes regarding gender.In today's world the emancipation of women, the establishment of gender equality, the destruction of the institution of marriage and family man disoriented, he does not know what the role has a certain gender.There is confusion, rejection by many people an archaic society prescribed gender roles.Thus, in today's world, gender - a rather vague concept, which over time should undoubtedly change under the demands of society.