Meaning of the word "offensive" - ​​a compliment or an insult?

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You came to the party and create a scandal?And maybe wedged into someone else's conversation and quarreled with all of its members?At work Naham your supervisor?Congratulations, your characterization appeared the word "offensive."What to do - offended or embarrassed blush?

Anyone who does not know the meaning of "offensive", it may seem like a compliment.Word of something beautiful, sonorous, not clobbered.But not to deceive ourselves, and expand your vocabulary, open Dictionary.So ... the odious ... meaning ... Ah, here.This word has a negative connotation.Odious - who is sharply negative emotions.Synonyms for him - unattractive, disgusting, unpleasant.There is a word from the Latin odiosus.The meaning of "odious" in Latin - hateful, disgusting.Today, thanks to journalists that word has acquired more shades.The meaning of the word "offensive" include such qualities as the original, retaining its individuality, has his own opinion in spite of everything.There is also the noun "odious", meaning inherent someone unattractive features.

word "offensive" applies to animate and inanimate objects.In the history, literature, and our lives can find a lot of odious characters.Take the story.For example, Hitler was particularly odious person.Kim Il Sung, choosing as the idol of Joseph Stalin, the dictator was tough and got the label odious character.As debunking the personality cults of every major character in the story gets its characteristic quality of the "odious".

in the literature and writers is - Venedikt Yerofeyev, Eduard Limonov, Franz Kafka, whose works have caused very mixed and ambiguous emotions and characters works.For example, "Dead Souls" by Nikolai Gogol - a bunch of colorful but fairly unpleasant characters - Box, Manila, Sobakevich, Plyushkin.None of them does not cause liking.They are odious.

If we talk about our reality, then you just turn on the TV to see the odious people: politicians, Vladimir Zhirinovsky and Alexander Yushchenko, athletes Mike Tyson and Rasul Mirzaev, showmen Oleg Garkusha and Jeanne Aguzarova, oligarch Boris Berezovsky.

meaning of the word "offensive" is perfect for some modern laws.And a lot of examples of this.For example, "Magnitsky Act" in the United States can be called odious.

So, if you are a brawler;if you persistently bend his line against all and everything;if you do not hesitate to express their opinions;if you do not care what you think about;if you there is no chain of command;If you do not think with other people, be prepared for what you nakleyut sticker "odious person."If, after you have left the ruins of the destroyed fun;if people are whispering at the sight of you;if you try not to make eye contact;If you are constantly waiting on the trouble - you odious.Your job, as you build your life, but according to information from dictionaries you - bad people.