Sanguine - is energetic, sociable and cheerful person

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It's no secret that people are different both in appearance and in character.And if the appearance is more or less clear, then what caused the difference in the behavior of people in similar situations, we know not all.The reasons, of course, this is a huge amount, but I would like to draw your attention to such factors as temperament, which divides people into the following types: sanguine, choleric, melancholic and phlegmatic.

It should be noted that it is very rare to find a person with the presence of a single type of temperament, but each person has a predominant, which causes it to behave one way or another.In addition, each of them is characterized by its advantages and disadvantages.According to the research the most frequent type of people with sanguine temperament.

Sanguine - a movable type, characterized by strong and balanced between the process of excitation and inhibition.It is noteworthy that these processes are easy to replace each other.In other words, we can say that sanguine - a person quickly and markedly reacts to issuing a huge amount of excitement and emotion that is always manifested in behavior.Due to the easy and fast change of interests, attitudes, emotions and feelings sanguine are resistant to the difficulties and high level of adaptability.But on the other hand, sanguine - a personality, behavior and attitudes which are very hard to predict, because today he likes one thing and tomorrow - another, now he is delighted by one person, and tomorrow - another.

emotional, adaptability, sociability, activity - features that distinguish sanguine.Types of temperaments, combines with the sanguine person, also have a significant effect on his behavior, but still a great role belongs to the basic type.Sanguine very productive in the work and sociable, but only in the presence of a large number of interesting activities, otherwise they become lethargic and dull.

parents raising a child with a predominantly choleric type of temperament, be aware that it is often for fun and friendly tone of a teenager can hide his inner feelings and problems.The behavior of these children must be carefully monitored, possibly charging them important things to praise in the case of successful completion of the task, but not overpraise.

Sanguine - a person does not want to go with the flow.In case of any problems it reacts actively, deliberately defends its position and tries to normalize the situation.People with this type of temperament characterized by optimism and a desire to engage in a constant interest for their business.You should not rely heavily on keeping promises sanguine as their priorities often change.They are easy to experience failure, not of conflict, but if they are constantly prejudice in a certain area, then sooner or later they vykazhut their discontent.