What are the types of temperaments and their psychological characteristics

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Each person is different, and his behavior can manifest itself in different ways.The fact that there are different types of temperaments and their psychological characteristics are also different, so everything that happens around people perceive differently.Everyone has a different reaction rate, people actively or passively, fast or inert.Learn more about it.

Translated from the Latin "temperament" means "the proper ratio of parts" is a combination of innate characteristics of the person, which characterizes the dynamics, emotion, human adaptability.It should be noted that there is no perfect manners, each has its pluses and minuses.Next, find out what are the types of temperaments and their psychological characteristics.

Choleric .The nervous system of these people are in an excitable state.For this reason, they quickly perceive what is happening, but commit rash acts.These personality impatient, unrestrained and unbalanced.Quickly taken for the cause, but they sunk a long time is not enough, there is irritation or fatigue.

Sanguine .The nervous system in these people is very strong, agile and at the same time balanced.The psychological characteristics of the person has the following features: high speed response, quick adaptation to the changing environment, the ability to think first, then do.Sanguine is very positive and sociable, so often have a lot of friends.If taken as an interesting case, it works efficiently.

Phlegmatic .People with this type of temperament is very balanced, inert, taciturn and have a delayed reaction.The advantages of efficiency, patience to prolonged difficulties.He loves stability (job, friends, the rhythm of life).When troubles arise, phlegmatic does not show his emotions on the part seems calm.

Melancholic .Holders of this type of temperament have weakened nervous system.They are closed, do not talk about their feelings or the feelings, depressed and insecure.Even a minor offense perceive to heart, frustrated, angry.It may not work for a long time, because they have a high sensitivity, and they need a long rest.Despite its shortcomings, melancholic can become fine artists and may have a highly developed intelligence.

All of the above types of temperaments and their psychological characteristics do not occur in isolation.Each of us has all these features, but expressed to varying degrees.For example, an individual can be a positive, cheerful, sociable, hardworking, emotional.However, slow response and has long adapted to the changes occur.Because of the small grievances provoked, and if you have problems becoming pessimistic.This is a case of human sanguine, phlegmatic melancholic with features.

opinion that the type of temperament and psychological characteristics are immutable, is not entirely correct.The fact that as a result of long influence of the environment, education and life situations faced by people, especially the nervous system gradually may increase or decrease.This process affects the small change in personality.

Psychological characteristic types of temperament depends on the age of the people.For example, children are very energetic, active, agile, and because of them longer meets choleric and sanguine.In the category of older people is dominated by melancholic and phlegmatic.