Aphorisms and wise thoughts of great men

Sometimes, when you stand before a choice and you have to take some very important decision, or you can not figure out their own feelings with regard to this or that phenomenon, and help you can come to the wise thoughts of great people.However, this does not mean that you blindly obey these tips that you can learn in these statements.

studying sayings that were once made about something writers, philosophers, sages, it is easier to understand themselves and organize thoughts.Perhaps this same idea already nested in the head, but it was impossible to fully understand.The great French philosopher Michel de Montaigne, who is also known to the world as the author of a collection of aphorisms, said that "scientists can be due to other scholarship, but wise - only his own wisdom."How to understand these wise thoughts?Perhaps it is here that the teacher can pass on their experience to students who, in turn, are able to learn the material and become better educated.However, the correct use of the knowledge acquired will be able to only the one that has its own wisdom.So in our case: the thoughts and sayings of great men may encounter the person on an idea, but how to use it, can tell only the consciousness, the ability to correctly analyze and ability to make the right decisions.

wise thoughts and aphorisms of great men - the same thing?

In principle, these two concepts are identical for us.However, there are some differences.What are they?Firstly, the original aphorism is a complete thought, the spoken or written into the storage and short (concise) text form that other people often like to use his speech to give more brightness and significance.

wise thoughts of great people do not necessarily have a short form.And sometimes they consist of several suggestions, of which each can be used separately.Who wants to use them will be able to retell them in their own words, of course, without distorting the essence of thought.

In the case of aphorisms, it is unacceptable, as we pronounce them as quotations, trying to reproduce them as accurately as possible, closer to the author's words.Words of wisdom contained in the aphorism, sometimes difficult to understand the first time.They provide food for thought.There are cases when the same aphorism many realize on its own.It even becomes an occasion for debate.

The same can be said about a wise idea.By the way, not everyone agrees with them, expressing at the root of the opposite opinion.But as they say, truth is born in dispute, even if it's an argument with himself.

word, thoughts and sayings of great men can participate or not to others, but they are forced to think about what many did not even know.

Why do we need aphorisms?

These sayings will surely enrich our minds, sometimes inspire confidence, they can get rid of feelings of loneliness, to encourage a conscious action, etc.The wise thoughts of great men are the sons of the best experiences of humanity.Familiar with them, we can avoid making mistakes.As the saying goes, we can learn from others' mistakes and successes.

Aphorisms open our eyes to the many questions that raise doubts, as well as free from certain illusions.By the way, the great Stanislavsky wrote that the idea was originally feelings.Hence, we read thoughts and sayings of great people, first of all get to know their feelings, and this, believe me, worth it.By the way, the benefits of such sessions said Herodotus.According to him, "humanity has great sayings upon which others should learn."

Haroun Agatsarsky of them writes: "Aphorisms - a faceted diamonds of wisdom."The idea, concluded in the context of the aphorism, it achieves the greatest effect when it is laconic and consists of only a few words and no more than two or three sentences.This is the elegance of each of wise sayings.It label deep yet publicly available.Do not understand the meaning enclosed in two or three sentences, almost impossible.

As there are aphorisms?

Recently there has been across-the craze these wise sayings.Many contribute their time and are in constant search.Today, thoughts and quotes of great men can be found in various specialized sites.Why do they need a modern pragmatic person?But to do this: to continue to use them as their status in the social network.Some of placing these statements, trying to reach someone to hint at something or using them to express the state of his soul at a given time.As a result, some modern "philosophers" began to invent their own aphorisms, which are more in line with the current reality.They are often a hint of sarcasm, subtle, and sometimes vulgar humor.Youth, of course, like the new aphorisms.However, if you carefully study the wise thoughts of great men, funny sayings are bound to be found among them.

reflect on the etymology of the recently arisen in the lexicon of modern Russians the word "cool", you can find its similarity to the word "twit".Of course, in the present context they differ from each other, although they have a common root.The word "cool" in its significance is more inclined to the epithet "fun", while the "twit" contains something of sarcasm.

So what are the wise thoughts of great men?Funny phrases that later became aphorisms were the hallmark of one of the most popular Russian actresses - Faina Ranevskaya.Perhaps this outrageous woman inadvertently uttered them, but reading them today, it's hard to believe.The article goes on to present to your attention some particularly memorable sayings.

In a series of "thoughts of great people" - fun phrase Faina Ranevskaya

She remembered by many because of its extraordinary appearance (even though it was not so beautiful), as well as the professional game.By the way, it is always annoying questions about what role she plays.On this actress replied that you can play poker and billiards, and on stage she lives.

Faina Ranevskaya stood out among the army of the Soviet actresses precisely because of its bright image, acting talent, originality and inherent only to her tone of voice and a special way of speaking.She loved and valued life.

One of the most famous utterances Ranevskaya, which has become an aphorism - is the idea, which found her attitude to life.Faina says that our life is very short, so do not spend it on greedy men, bad mood, and deprive yourself of the pleasure, sitting on a diet.

actress also said that all that nice in our lives - or immoral, or harmful or contributes to obesity.In addition, aphorisms Faina Ranevskaya, like many wise thoughts of great people comprise a large share of sarcasm, criticism.It is with their help, it seems, wants to expose some flaws, reigning in the society.For example, for fools actress wrote: "Some people just wanted to come up and ask, it is difficult to live without a brain."About envy, she said: "The only unforgivable sin against the neighbor - it is a success."

Ranevskaya have as many aphorisms on women and men and their relationships, but some contain profanity, so we will refrain from listing them in the article.

Interesting topics for reflection

What matters most affected in aphorisms?Love, the meaning of life, gender relations, happiness, friendship, children - are the main themes that underlie aphorisms.

especially interesting thoughts of great people about love.About deep feelings say it all: politicians, philosophers and sages, and poets and writers, and musicians.Of course, the thought of the great men of the love that had been made for centuries and even millennia ago, are very different from today's.For example, the famous Indian social activist, Mahatma Gandhi wrote that love, without asking anything, always giving, suffering, never protesting, and does not know how to avenge himself.But the French philosopher Voltaire said love the strongest of all the passions, because it can simultaneously master and head, heart, and body.

Aphorisms about love

Soviet writer Maxim Gorky belongs to a number of wise sayings about the deep feelings.According to one of them, one can not exist without love, and the soul is given to him for that.Gorky also believed that love and desire to live - it is the same, a still that love to a woman born in a man all the most beautiful.

But more modern aphorism, which coined the great Brazilian novelist Paulo Coelho: "Love does not accept arguments. They love because they can not love."He's in one of his novels writes that life sometimes throws people just for the fact that they finally realized how important they are and need each other.

But definitely consider the most beautiful feelings can be found in the wise sayings of the great Russian classic Leo Tolstoy: "Love - a priceless gift. It is the only thing you can give, while it also will remain in you."

Another great classic - Fyodor Dostoevsky - wrote that love - it means to accept and see the man as he was originally created by God.

French fabulist Jean Baptiste Moliere believes that anyone who did not know the life of love, and not live.

About happiness

Why do people live?What is the main purpose of their existence?Certainly, to achieve a state of happiness.Is not this the dream of every sane person?However, each has its own interpretation of happiness, especially.

Let's look at what the thoughts of great men of happiness.Michel de Montaigne wrote about it as follows: "Happiness must be taken for the good fortune and suffering - for lessons and tests in life. However, people do the opposite: to be happy to respond as something ordinary, but the suffering - as the greatest injustice in life".He also writes that our problem is that we are looking for happiness, not where it is, and where we want to find it.

According to another French philosopher, Fran├žois La Rochefoucauld - "tormented by the desire to have more branded lucky than to be really happy."In fact, many believe that happiness - is to get out of life, but, as experience shows, the one who thinks so, is becoming the worst.

Chinese sage Confucius, perhaps gave the most complete definition of happiness, which, according to him, has three stages: happiness, great happiness, true happiness.First - this is when there are people who understand you, the second - this is when there is someone who loves you, and true happiness, that is, the third stage - is when you are able to love.Therefore, happy is he who knows how to love and on his way met a man who wants to love.

On Friendship

"A man without friends, like a falcon without wings", - reads the ancient wisdom.Later in the article we will present you the thoughts of great men of friendship.

French sentimentalism Father Jean-Jacques Rousseau once wrote about friendship: "The affection reciprocity is optional, but in friendship without it is impossible."

Greek philosopher Seneca, in turn, wrote that happiness will never raise a man to such heights that he did not need friends.But the saying "a friend is known in trouble," belongs to the great thinker and a Roman senator Petronius.A similar thought was expressed by Democritus: "on gay friend to come on the invitation, and disaster - without being called."

Rufio The Persian poet, who lived and worked in the thirteenth century, advised hobnob only with clever, because a fool can be more dangerous than a clever enemy.The Roman poet Publius wrote: "If the friendship ever stop, it means, and do not."

These are the best thoughts of the great people of friendship, and in them, as you see, is the truth, despite the fact that they were made thousands of years ago.What does this show?Yes, one and the same - that the truth is one, and that it exists regardless of the time and circumstances.By the way, the American billionaire Paul Getty in the early last century, said: "Selfless friendships can only be among people who have the same income."

about children

about what we love to talk more?Of course, for our children.Among the various statements on various topics can be found wise thoughts of great men of the children.Here are some of them: "The stubborn and naughty child is the result of unreasonable behavior of her mother."This idea belongs to Janusz Korczak.In fact, if a mother in every way indulge the whims of the baby, he performs all his whims and does not indicate an error, resulting in offspring grow rude and spoiled.

But Vasily Sukhomlinsky believed that a child is a mirror of his family, and that it reflects the purity and morality of his parents.But the main thing in the upbringing of the kid - it's love.

Pearl Buck wrote that children who are not loved, grow incapable of sincere feelings.And vice versa: "Children who feel selfless love of parents are happy people."

Jean-Jacques Rousseau wrote: "If the children killed tricksy, we never got to Zion."By the way, every child deserves encouragement and praise.So I consider the eastern sage Abdul-Baha.The same is said of Mary Lamb: "Son, powered milk and praise."

About Life

In this article, we looked at a lot of different aphorisms, as well as thoughts about the lives of great men.In addition, there are many statements about the meaning of our existence and how to behave in different situations.

great thinker Confucius believes that the need to beware of people who inspire you a sense of guilt, because they, among other things, crave power over you.But the monk Silvanus of Mount Athos wrote that God sends us friends to help recover from their shortcomings.This can be both good and treacherous people.

Yal Irvine believes the richer inner life of individuals, the less they expect from others.

According to the great sage of Omar Khayyam, the lower man soul, the more he tries to screw up your nose.Why is that?Yes, because it is constantly necessary to reach the nose wherever he soul is not mature enough.

Mahatma Gandhi believed that people - a kind of product that is formed under the pressure of thoughts.Recent able to materialize, and as a result the individual becomes what he thinks.

great commander Napoleon Bonaparte believed that between a great and funny is just one step, and the judge all his actions will have offspring.Life is full of emotions, but jealousy and fear (in contrast to other passions) are not able to give pleasure.This opinion is shared by John Collins, and he was right a hundred percent.

can talk about life indefinitely.Everyone has their own opinion on many things.Some are optimistic and tend to see only the good in everything, while others do not believe myself, no life, and to perceive all negative.In fact, in life there is everything: the difficulties and success, and lack of understanding, and happiness, and delight, love and hate.

famous Michel de Montaigne said that if we do something we hate, it is not indifferent to us, and we take it to heart.And Madame de Stael once said that life sometimes is like a shipwreck, and its fragments - is the glory, love, friendship, etc.

Instead of conclusion

So we looked at a lot of interesting quotations and aphorisms, which were once made great men.Study them carefully, otherwise you can start to look at the important events in his life, to draw from them useful knowledge, to receive instructions on how to behave in the future and forget about all the doubts about the unresolved issues.