Lermontov Museum in Moscow.

This wonderful historic landmark in the heart of the capital, near the Arbat.This is one of the surviving houses in which he lived or stayed the great poet.

Apartment Museum Lermontov in Moscow is a small one-story house with an attic.After the restoration of the house found the original appearance.Its interior is fully consistent with the description of the conditions of life of the era in which he lived Mikhail.

museum exposition consists of small and large living room of the poet, his beloved grandmother's room and an exhibition hall.Lermontov House-Museum in Moscow presents personal belongings of the great poet, books, furniture, his portraits and pictures of his friends and relatives.Among them are exhibits made by the poet himself.


House, which now houses the Museum of Lermontov in Moscow, was built by Peter Chernov, a merchant.This happened immediately after the victory in the Russian-French War (1812).

Later grandmother Lermontov rented this cozy house to allow her grandson to get Moscow education.Here Mikhail lived with her in late summer 1829 until 1832, when he moved to St. Petersburg.

During the Soviet period (as in many historic buildings) in the house was placed a communal apartment.Most of its inhabitants had no idea that living in a house with such a rich history.

How the museum

Small Molchanovka 2 - house, which is a fragment of the history of the XIX century.For all of our countrymen, he road that spent his teenage years a prominent Russian poet - Lermontov.

Wooden house in the Empire style with a mezzanine later than once changed his tenants, was rebuilt many times.For years, admirers of the great poet try to create it in the museum.The most effective part in the creation of expositions took IL Andronicus.

In 1979 the house has received the status of the museum, and two years later (1981) he opened its doors to visitors after restoration.

Rhode Stolypin Lermontov

to reconstruct the environment in which he lived the young Lermontov, author and creator of the museum used the typology of noble life beginning of the XIX century, successfully used the details become known in the course of studying the art and life of the poet, as well as memories of hiscontemporaries.

Needless to say, Elizabeth A., grandmother Lermontov belonged to a noble family Stolypin, who was known in Russia since 1566.

On the wall of her room, you can see the view of the village NeĐĹlovka that was in the Saratov province.This small village belonged to the great-grandfather Mikhail Yurevich AE Stolypin.He was the owner of one of the best theaters in the country of serfs and nobles repeatedly elected leader of the Penza province.It brought up a family of eleven children.The room Elizabeth Alexeyevna many things reminiscent of her brother.

Small Living

Typically, Lermontov Museum in Moscow, visitors begin to examine it with the room, very warm and cozy in the house, where it is often going to neighbors, friends and relatives of the poet at the guesthouse and university: DD bad, M.I. Saburov, NS Shenshin, AD Zakrevskii NI Polivanov.On the escritoire preserved books that read to a young poet and his friends - "Brothers robbers" Pushkin, "The Song of the Bell" Schiller.Here you can see the magazine "Athenaeum".

It was the first edition in 1830 where Mikhail has published his own poem, signing a letter "L".It was a poem of the early works - "Spring" dedicated EASushkova, which at that time I became interested in Lermontov.In the same room is a portrait of Barbara Lopukhina.A gentle and reverent feel to this charming girl, so keep all his short life.

Watercolor, performed Lermontov, Varenka is in the form of Emilia - the heroine of the drama of Lermontov's "The Spaniards," one of the first major works of the poet."The book of destinies," Lermontov made to participate in the New Year's Masquerade (1832).The poet came to the meeting in a suit noble astrologer.For guests he prepared New Year greetings in verse.

Large living

This spacious room, done in the style of the Moscow empire - there is nothing pretentious, too much.Its main decoration - wonderful bas-reliefs.This brilliant work of artist FP Tolstoy.They are devoted to the war against the French (1812).

In this room, so people were going to close.They sang, danced.Mikhail often played the piano, violin.Here he learned to play the piano, and even tried to write music.

Museum Lermontov Moscow has a real treasure, which is located in this room.This is a family portrait made by serf artist.Here you can see, among other works, a rare portrait of mother Lermontov - Maria Mikhailovna.She had not turned twenty-two years old when she died of tuberculosis.


The mezzanine is office Lermontov.This room keeps the spirit of Lermontov era.Bookcases filled with a variety of books on history, philosophy.Here are collected the works of Sir Walter Scott and Byron, Chateaubriand and Chenier, Goethe.The perfect command of German, French and English, Lermontov prefer to read world classics in the original.He picked up in bookstores the best books of the time Derzhavin, Karamzin, Fonvizin, Zhukovsky, Pushkin.The walls are decorated with portraits - Lord Byron and Kiprensky, Pushkin by Utkin.The engraving, which depicts the majestic Caucasus, located next to the famous work of Raphael "Madonna with Child", which always brings sad thoughts on the poet of early bygone mother.

on an easel - is a watercolor portrait by Mikhail Yurevich.His young poet created in memory of his father.Lermonotva very upset grandmother quarrel with Yuri Petrovich.Son and father were very attached to each other.

View Ivan the Great Bell (engraving by an unknown author) hangs over the desk of the poet, as a sign of the infinite love of Lermontov in the ancient Moscow.


visit the museum in our capital city a lot of interesting monuments of history and literature.Lermontov House-Museum in Moscow, we recommend that you visit a number of reasons.In this small mansion, you will have the unique opportunity to experience the atmosphere and life of the nobility of Moscow early XIX century.You can feel the spirit of intimate life of the intelligentsia of Moscow, whose minds are still agitated happened not so long ago - Decembrist uprising.

himself brilliant poet Lermontov appears in these walls for many people in a new way, which is not talked about in school.Documents and home furnishings museum, we are teenagers and young men Michael, who studied diligently, genuinely friendly, in love, she grieved at parting with his father.

Lermontov Museum in Moscow, which was opened after the restoration of the house in February 1981, always happy guests.

recently completed the latest restoration of the building.May 19, 2014 the museum again hospitably opened its doors to visitors.Today, come here dreaming of thousands of tourists from all corners of Russia.According to the administration, today, the exhibition shows a very large collection.

the 200th anniversary of the poet Lermontov Museum in Moscow, photos of which you can see in this article, has prepared an interesting novelty.They surely interest the history buffs and connoisseurs of the great poet.

Lermontov Museum in Moscow - opening hours

restored historical monument welcomes guests daily from 11.00 to 18.00 (Monday - the day off).On Thursday, the museum starts later, from 14.00 and ends at 20.00.