How to install LED strips yourself

use as a means of LED strip lighting has several advantages.The first is to save electricity, easy installation, no high voltage and other advantages.This type of lighting is relatively recent and has entered widely in use for different purposes.

LED strip is a flexible plastic strip, which is soldered LEDs and connected to an electrical circuit.Thus, they are ready for operation and you need to do is to connect the power supply to it.

The main application of the device - it is decorated with light anywhere or spotlights.Because of its brightness and colorful, it is used in tuning cars, interiors of restaurants and cafes in the home is individually decorated.

However, despite the simplicity of installation and operation, there are some features when using this type of lighting.Before installing the LED strip, it is necessary to choose the right and to determine the capacity of the power supply.You also need to know how to cut the required length and connect the power cord.All this talk line of this article.

Choosing LED strip from the emission

before a LED strip, you need to decide what color you need illumination.There are simply white light and colorful.Tape with different colors marked as RGB (R - red, G - green, B - blue).In the case of conventional monochrome execution has only two contacts, and in color - four.It should be noted that the multi-colored tape may have different modes of illumination, and one color - only one.

Select the type of LED strip will also affect the performance of the power supply.It should provide the necessary power supply and polarity.In addition, the power supply must be power margin of 20% in a big way.

also worth considering that, before connect RGB LED strips need to plan where there will be a controller for it.Since it is often controlled by remote control, access to it should be within the line of sight.

Calculation of LED strip and power supply

density LEDs per meter of tape can be different.Basically it is within 30, 60 and 120 units.There is also a double wide ribbon 240 diodes.On this depends the technique of how to calculate the LED strip to the right of her work.

for brand SMD diode 3528 power consumption is:

  • 60 diodes per meter consumes 4.8 watts.
  • 120 diodes per meter consumes 7.2 watts.
  • 240 diodes per meter consumes 16 watts.

for brand SMD diode 5050 power consumption is:

  • 30 diodes per meter consumes 7.2 watts.
  • 60 diodes per meter consumes 14 watts.
  • 240 diodes per meter consumes 25 watts.

In all cases, if the length of the belt is more than one meter, it is necessary to sum up the entire load and to select the appropriate power supply.For example, if the tape brand SMD diode 5050 at a density of 60 units per meter, and the tape length is 5 meters, the power adapter should be at least 70 watts.

Selecting PSU

to make quality LED strips with your hands, you need to select for it a suitable power supply.Once identified power consumption, you need to decide the type of power supply.This procedure depends on the installation place of the backlight.If the tape is going to work in harsh outdoor conditions, it is necessary to pay attention to the sealable plastic or metal versions.They are fully protected from harmful influences and have a compact size.But these advantages have to pay a bit more expensive.

If the installation location is indoors and there is enough space for installation, it is advisable to select an open power supply.It is compared with the previous embodiments, larger in size, but its value is much lower.

There is also a portable power units, which are similar to charging for phones.They are designed for use in mobile devices that do not exceed the power consumption of 60 watts.

Determine the protective properties

for protection against external influences LED strip can be topped with a protective layer of silicone or transparent plastic.This applies to cases where the need outdoor installation.If everything is installed indoors, it is possible to use a tape without protection.

in silicone tape is suitable for use in hallways, large rooms or other places where there may be as mechanical impact and the probability of the impact of liquids.For external use requires full protection.This belt is a round elastic rod.It has full protection against all impacts, including temperature.Therefore, before you install the LED strip of this type may require special fasteners.

How to connect two tapes together

diodes to operate normally need to know how to connect LED strips correctly.For this purpose, there are two possibilities.The first and easiest way in which you need to buy special connectors, using them in a matter of seconds you can make a connection.The disadvantage of this method is the possibility of oxidation of the contacts and, consequently, a loss of power.

Another method is more reliable, but it requires some skill in handling a soldering iron.The two ends of the belt are welded special solder.In this case, the connection is very reliable.Following this procedure, it is desirable to close the contacts shrink tape or a special adhesive.In both cases, in order to know how to connect LED strips need not to reverse the polarity of the conductors.They are joined on a "+" to "+" and "-" to "-".It should be noted that a multi-colored ribbon not be combined with one color.Allowed to summarize only one type of tape.

Connection tapes by soldering

Before solder the LED strip to the power supply or connect the two segments to each other, you need to acquire the necessary tools and supplies.We need:

  • low power soldering iron.
  • solder based on tin.
  • flux.
  • connecting wires.
  • sharp knife for stripping.

First we clean the contacts on the tape.If there is silicone protection, carefully remove it with a knife.Also, we clean wires for soldering.The length of the bare conductor should be about one centimeter.Then take the heated soldering iron and omit it in flux, and then quickly solder.Making sure that a part of the solder adheres to the tip, apply to it the stripped conductor.After this operation, a part of the solder has to go to the wire.The next step is prepared by soldering the conductor to the appropriate terminals on the tape.To do this, the conductor is applied in the right place, and on top of it overlaps a bit of flux.After that you need for a second touch to the assembly soldering tip.As a result, it should get soldering wire.

Connection tapes using connectors

Before connecting the LED strip to the power supply or other tape with the help of connectors, you need to choose them and attach quality.When connecting two segments need a pair of connectors that should be pre-soldered together.For adhesions can be used by management, as described above.

After the two connectors are complete, insert the bare edge of the tape in its special slot at the open lock button.Then you need to click on this button and lock contacts the tape.In the case of power supply everything will happen as well, but with a single connector.

In both cases, care must be taken to correct polarity coincided.If anything confuse, the tape will not burn.But do not greatly upset at this outcome, so she will not burn.

How to cut the desired length of tape

Before you mount LED strip, you need to make the cut desired length.To simplify this operation, LED strip has a clear arrangement of places for possible segments.Often these are place every four light element, but may be another multiplicity of cutting.Therefore, we find a suitable place, and with a sharp knife or scissors do even overcutting.It should happen that there will be at both ends of the two pins to which you can connect the power.

If the tape has a special protection in the form of silicone or plastic, before the cut off, you need to clean up a small gap.For this purpose it is possible to use a knife.We must act very carefully, to avoid damaging the contacts.

Preparing to install

Before you attach the LED strip to the desired location, the entire system should be checked for serviceability.To do this, going to the table all the circuitry and checked.If the comments in there, you can go to the site survey.To do so, make sure that the tape will not affect the negative factors in the form of liquids and mechanical effects.It is necessary to design a place tape strips so that the bending radius was less than 20 millimeters.Otherwise, a strong bending can damage the tape.Sometimes

LED tape has to be installed glue strontium.It allows you to attach it to any hard surface.But before you do that, you need to clean the surface and degrease gasoline or acetone.In the absence of funds for the installation, you can use the double-sided adhesive tape or other means.

Features compounds RGB-ribbon

Before you connect this type of LED strips with power supply, you need to check that it works with a special controller that regulates the voltage.He energized those LEDs that should be lit.When connecting the need to compare all four pins.The controller and power supply terminals are all signed, and this operation is not too difficult.If everything worked out, and the tape is available in all color modes, you can install it on a workstation.

to connect the power supply can also be used special plugs and sockets.They greatly simplify the work and allow for a reliable connection.For this jack is soldered onto the tape with the required number of contacts, and the power cord - corresponding plug.

Installation in the car

Before installing the LED strip in the car, you need to make sure that it did not act on the harmful factors.This can be physical stress, and extremes of vibration.To do this, it is usually installed in specially prepared areas.For example, this could be a special corner of plastic or metal, which is attached to the body.

addition to the right place to install, to use for power stabilized voltage lighting.For this purpose, a special electronic circuit connects the stabilizer.It will equalize the voltage to 12 volts by lowering and raising it to the onboard network.This device can be purchased at any auto parts store.It is always accompanied by instructions on connecting, and if not, then the seller has to explain.

During direct mounting and connecting the power cord must be removed from the battery terminals.This action will prevent short circuits and other unpleasant situations.

General recommendations

This article has shown the basic tips on how to install the LED strip and connect it correctly.Compliance with these regulations will avoid in the process as well as in the future, unpleasant situations in operation.

If you decide to make a spectacular lighting in your car or decorate beautifully certain places in the house, for this purpose is better to choose a tape with colorful glow.This will allow flexibility to control the external design.

for lighting, which should be purely practical in nature, is more appropriate white light.It does not impose additional hues of the surrounding objects and be more natural.

In conclusion

LED strip is one of the long-lasting light sources.It is preferred in those cases when it is necessary low voltage.If it is impossible to connect an electric shock, because it is too small for that.Therefore, such lighting without fear can be used in damp areas and basements.