What to pour drinks, and how to use them

Cognac, Armagnac brandy and poured into special glasses - "tulips", extended and narrowed down up.These glasses can be both small and great, but regardless of this, they fill no more than 25 ml.Cognac is considered an elitist drink is served in the end of the meal as a complement to coffee.

vodka, bitters and brandy drinking glasses of the standard capacity of 35 - 50 ml.Vodka is the most democratic and universal drink for almost any event.

Madeira should eat from the special glasses Maderna 50 ml designed for dessert and fortified wines.Such as drinking glasses of port and sherry, nutmeg, Cahors.It is similar to the Latin letter «U» and her foot average.Cahors is usually used in baptism, and at the memorial service.

Genuine white dry and semi-dry wines made from the Rhine wine glasses to enjoy, like a "bulbous" church dome, raised on high legs.Very dry white wines (eg Riesling), which have high acidity, to drink, throwing back his head - because the wine passes the area of ​​language, receptive acid, and does not seem so sour.These wines are suitable for home and dinner, and for official events.

Natural grape red table wines partake of high leggy lafitnoy transparent glasses with a capacity of 100 ml.To drink wine, you need to tilt your head and suck the contents that allows you to fully enjoy the flavor of the beverage.Before you pour the wine in the glass, it is poured from a bottle in a special narrow-necked decanter with a wide base.This process is called dekanatsiey and produced in order to oxygenate the wine, and glasses did not get the cream of tartar and sediment formed during storage of wine.Red wine - classic drink for dinner in the restaurant.

Champagne and sparkling wines made to pour 45-degree angle into the glasses 125 ml conical, cylindrical, pear and kremanchatoy (remember all too well as revealed tulip bud) forms a fine, but not very high foot.Champagne - a traditional Christmas drink.Also suitable for all occasions, stressing the importance of the event.

liqueur or rum available in conical wine-glasses with a capacity of 15-25 ml of high foot.Rum, as well as gin and tequila will be a good companion on a summer evening in the suburban villa.

cocktails poured into wide, devoid of faces 200 ml beaker.Also cocktails use of tall glasses.Cocktails are suitable as an aperitif, as well as the romantic atmosphere of the amplifier on the first date.

whiskey drink from cylindrical and conical glasses.This drink is poured into a glass on two fingers (located, notice horizontally).Used gentlemen in small talk.

Punch drunk from small kruzhechek.

Beer is poured into glasses with a capacity of 250 - 280 ml., Slightly extended downward.And the beer is poured so that the foam was slightly above the edge, but not flowed over the walls.Contrary to popular belief, you can drink beer from glasses on the leg.Beer is in perfect harmony with light fish, cheese or chicken snack.Suitable for picnics and the FIFA World Cup.

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