Robert: meaning of the name and destiny

name Robert has German roots.Appearing many centuries ago, it has come to us from the old Germanic tribes, where many men were called Hlodebehrt (exactly in the ancient-sounding name, Robert).The value of the name is associated with two roots - "hrod" and "behrt", which translates as "bright" and "glory", ie"bright fame".According to the Catholic calendar day Angela, Robert celebrated on 30 April.In the Orthodox calendar (the calendar) is not the name, but the Russian Roberta can celebrate the holiday on April 9, April 30, May 8, May 12, June 20, June 21 and September 30.It is generally recommended to choose a date that is closest to the birthday.

famous Robert

Rupert, Bob, Bertus, Roberto, Robbie, and (for women) Robert Robertino - it's all derived from Robert.The name has also diminutive form.In English this is Bobby, Bob, and even Bo, and in Russian - Rob Robertushka, Robchik.This name is worn by many famous people, such as the kings of France, Robert I and Robert II, King Robert of Naples, three Scottish King Robert I, II and III, Robert Scott (English polar explorer, life years 1868-1912), English writer Robert Louis Stevenson(1850-1894), Soviet designer Robert Kinasoshvili (1899-1964) and many others.They all have in common only one thing - all of the name of Robert.The value of the name may indeed somehow contributes to fame, celebrity.


believed that Robert has a stubborn and persistent character.It is possible that the family is closer to the mother.From an early age, he knows what he wants, and is targeted to the dream.But Robert also witty and cheerful, therefore, as a rule, they have no shortage of friends.People with the same name may very well show themselves in any profession, they can be found in various sectors of life.It is believed that Roberto, born in the winter, can be jealous, do not get married for a long time, but once having made the choice to become faithful husbands.They are somewhat harsh, but they have chest beats a warm heart.The men, named after Robert and born in the summer, magnanimous, generous, and sometimes even wasteful.They love the noisy companies and prefer not to stay long alone.

What else can you say about a man whose name is Robert?

value named Robert (another version) - "unfading glory."Iethe name itself has to ensure that the men called them, are popular throughout life, and many people remain in memory even after the departure of the other world.A striking example of this - the Russian / Soviet poet Robert Rozhdestvensky.He lived a difficult but beautiful life, and his poems and songs written in his texts, still loved by people.I would like to mention here two other famous people of today named Robert - is an American actor De Niro and British actor Robert Thomas Pattinson.At present, this name is still popular in the UK, US, Ireland, Scotland, Croatia and Hungary it takes 48 place in the rating of popularity.In France, it has been particularly prevalent in the 20-30 years of the last century in Russia remains popular to this day.But in such a small country as Latvia, about every sixth newborn boy - Robert.The value of the name probably does somehow affect the destiny of man.Therefore, if the above qualities seem attractive to you, you can safely call your child, Robert.