Couple he Gemini, she Gemini

born under the sign of Gemini unusual and gifted people.They are capable of a lifetime to surprise and amaze others.They have excellent properties that allow them easily enough to go through life.Couple, in which he - Gemini, she - Gemini, is of great interest.


Meet them easily, since both are sociable people.Most likely, they'll find a common language and a thousand topics for conversation.This combination of signs of the zodiac (he - Gemini, she - Gemini) can be very successful.They feel each other a kindred spirit, and attract even without noticing.They are comfortable to be with.They can spend long nights in discussions on various topics, and did not miss.In addition, each will strive to learn as much as possible about the alleged partner, does not extradite its true intentions.Twins are in no hurry to tie a serious relationship.They need to become familiar with the person before you tie it with his life.This game can go on for a long time.In the end, one of them, it will bother, and he goes to take decisive action.


this couple (he is - a Gemini, she - twins) can not be called romantic.They will not arrange a candlelight dinner and a bed of rose petals carpet.Rather, they are comfortably ensconced on the couch with a mug of tea and will be watching movies, eating candy and other sweets.When there are two twins, friends can easily forget for a while their phone numbers.They are so fond of each other, that just does not need to communicate with others.


As you know, the Twins are impermanent, including love.They need frequent change of environment and diversity.In this case, a couple in which he - Gemini, she - Gemini, compares favorably with other combinations.They both are constantly changing.And his behavior somewhat windy support each other interest.They know the character flaws of his mark and try to get better for a loved one.Contrary to popular belief, the Twins are able to be faithful to your partner.At the same time they are interested in others and may even flirt, but no more.All this is possible if they are really in love.Twins can suddenly disappear only together - to go round the world trip, or just to the country.They understand each other's feelings, and try not to hurt them.

Marriage and Gemini

Compatible signs suggests that the two can be quite happy together.They will have a wonderful family, if they learn to respect the interests of the partner.Sometimes they forget that someone may be their opinion on various issues, which is why conflicts arise.If the Twins manage to survive the period of ointments, their family in the future nothing will threaten.These two are such fickle in his youth, surprise surrounding his deep affection and tender love for each other.They like children and, as a rule, they have this pair born more than two.The twins are fine, caring parents.Toddlers are not pampered, but always genuinely interested in their affairs and successes.They add up trusting, friendly relationship.