Compatibility: Cancer-woman - Sagittarius man, woman Sagittarius - man-Cancer

Compatibility "Woman Cancer - Sagittarius man" is not safe, because between these characters will never exist harmony.Lack of sexual desire can cause separation.And Sagittarius wants to break relations, since it is much easier to do than cancer.

Horoscope: Cancer woman - Sagittarius muzhchina-

in female cancer often changes the mood, but, despite this, her actions thought out and balanced.It is vindictive and touchy.Money is her favorite subject.In love, it can be severe and dry or soft and gentle.She is very attached to the house, parents, children.

man Sagittarius dreamy, energetic and inquisitive.He - an optimist in life.He is practical and businesslike.It has a lot of friends.Sagittarius man does not understand the creative Cancer, limiting his freedom.To maintain the relationship, Sagittarius will have to sacrifice their freedom and spending free time with his chosen.Female Cancer Sagittarius should give a sense of emotional intimacy.

Compatibility "Cancer woman - Sagittarius man" in life

relationship of the pair resemble a competition: Who will win.Strong Sagittarius will feel in these relations chief, but if he starts to put pressure on Cancer, immediately rebuffed.Female Cancer loves to spend evenings at home, and Sagittarius likes to have fun with your friends.Even if none of them will put pressure on the other, conflicts can not be avoided.

Compatibility "Cancer woman - Sagittarius man": the area of ​​feelings

Female Cancer is very sensitive to the words and vulnerable.She - the owner.After securing the object of his love, she does not want to let him go.Sagittarius will suffer greatly from this, because his soul yearns for freedom, movement and diversity.Share them will be a blank wall of incomprehension.Male Sagittarius is straightforward and is not able to think about the fact that their words and behavior, he can inflict deep wounds of a loved one.He was, and is not ready to change for the sake of your partner.

Compatibility "woman Cancer - man Sagittarius" in the monetary sphere

quarrels between Cancer and Sagittarius often occur precisely on material grounds, because the woman Cancer can spend money rationally, and the man Sagittarius spends them anywhere.

Sagittarius woman - man-Cancer: Compatibility

Female Sagittarius will always pull on the adventure.She is constantly somewhere to disappear without worrying about home comfort.But with man-Cancer, she will begin to feel needed him, he's such a caring, responsible and romantic.He can become the foundation for it, based on which it will be able to open up the world.The disadvantage of Cancer in the league will be his poise and calm, as the monotony and the inability to support the initiatives of thousands of women of Sagittarius soon she will become bored.

In the professional field it is difficult to understand each other.Cancer delves into his work and worried about the result, and Sagittarius consults with everyone discussing possible courses of action.The total business from them is rare.