symbol sign of Taurus is the bull.This character has many meanings, but basically he is talking about stability, strength, determination, and the world changes.Taurus - Sign those born from 20 April to 20 May.It is the only sign that stands for practicality.In fact, there are various typical characteristics, which corresponds to Taurus, a man especially, but in any case it is this sign is the most courageous of all.Physically, this is usually of medium height with strong-chested men.They actively take care of your body, keeping it in good shape to the very old age.

Taurus - Zodiac sign.Feature

These men have a large set of positive qualities such as trust, loyalty, endurance, hard work, diligence, understanding and stability.And this is not a complete list.They tend to plan my life day by day, like to stick to the accepted norms of behavior, which makes them extremely organized and clean people.Scrupulous respect for things, always keep them in the order you car, guitar, or watch a favorite painting - all this will last for a long time thanks to the careful care.They are spiritual, reserved and sometimes pass for snobs.Great listeners, lovers of sweet and all lovers of good food, stylish - it's Taurus.Zodiac Venus gave her a good representative of the soul that can give love to everything around him.Fall in Love representatives sign is rare, but deep.The bulk of these - a male Monogamous.Every love survive long, difficult switch to a new relationship for a long time to keep the memory of the past and digging in itself.Prone to introspection and reflection.

Taurus - Zodiac sign.Disadvantages

There are, of course, they and negative traits, because there are no perfect people.Thus, Taurus is often stubborn, the owner, he is jealous and suspicious.Sometimes a period of exacerbation, when all these qualities are enhanced, making the life of the people around him almost unbearable.They are easily influenced by people and sometimes can be quite heartless.

Taurus.Zodiac love

for representatives of the elements of the Earth is typical that on his adorable person will pour a stream of gifts.If you have found on the pillow rose early in the morning, do not be surprised, this means that the Taurus man likes you.A Taurus loves passionately, with all efficiency.And expect the same partner.In his love, they are caring, sure to help his beloved with the cleaning and cooking, and make much more pleasant things.The peculiarity of it is that the whole life of the man rotates around the object of love, so he wanted to Taurus - Zodiac sign.Man compatibility is most likely to get with the elements of the Earth, Capricorn and Virgo.Not bad alliance and sisters on the planet Venus - Libra.To attract him, you just have to be feminine.Taurus loves these women things: stylish clothes, makeup, flirting.He is ready to help the poor woman in her life to bring not only comfort, but also aesthetic pleasure.