Lessons practical astrology.

Let us remember that represent the zodiacal signs.These are the stars that are invisible lines connecting we get the Sagittarius and Capricorn, Gemini and Pisces, Leo and Virgo, as well as all the other constellations, have a strong influence on our destiny and life path.At certain times they occupy a dominant place in the circle forming the Zodiac.Exactly 12 characters, in the number of months of the year.Each has its own distinctive set of characteristics that mark and gives people born under it.From the relation of the planets (Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, etc.) With this sign it depends on worldview of a person, his habits, motivation and behavior traits.

Winter signs.Capricorn

month of January.Zodiac, the rule in this period - Capricorn.A second, comes to replace him - Aquarius.How are they characterized?Capricorn begins to reign in the sky from December 22, when the day is getting night, and ends in the feast of the Epiphany - January 19.He is the tenth in a row in the third round and among the earth.That's right: the element that governs Capricorn - earth-mother.Saturn - one of the major planets of the time, when it's January.Capricorn is under the influence of this planet.It manages pivotal traits of people Capricorn.Man saturnianets different deep analytical mind, he was given the secret knowledge.It is characterized by cold, secretive, suspicious character.It is often such persons at the lowest level are converted into secret enemies, gray cardinals.A high take-off of spiritual knowledge from the same cohort of teachers leave, the guru who preach religious teachings.By the way, the birth month of Jesus Christ - January, zodiac sign - Capricorn.However, under the category of "evil", "gloomy", "closed", he completely misses.But it belongs to the Supreme Person!The more typical "goat" (astronomical symbols mark), so it is a huge exposure and self-discipline.Capricorn rules in the horoscope 10th House, which in astrology is considered to be the personification of luck, wealth, accomplished hopes and well-being.In this regard, as well as through its sverhpraktichnosti, people of this sign is more likely to achieve the set goals in life, and to fly high than others.However, for infants is fraught with some trick and January.Capricorn is responsible not only for the fundamental properties of the individual, but also for the skeletal system, the backbone of those who at that time was born.They may be this kind of injury, serious illness.Aware of its weaknesses, Capricorn desirable oneself from sprains, fractures, sprains, and so on. D.

Winter signs - Aquarius

What Sign January continues, we found: Aquarius.There comes a time with him on January 20 and ends on 18 February.He's in a row 11th, the same House operates.Element, the leading men said mark - the air, and the planet-patron - the mysterious Uranus.The symbol is a sign of the figure, poured from a jug of water.Because Aquarians - the people who give the world the knowledge and power, ennobling his own creative potential.They are stubborn, persistent, is not emphasized in the small earthly problems, and rush to the solution of global problems, with which, by the way, cope very well.Which outstanding personalities gave the world the sign of the zodiac?January 25, for example, all students celebrate their holiday.He called Tatiana's day in honor of the Martyr Tatiana of Rome, suffered severely, with the other 226 saints of the Christian faith.On the same day he was born and Vysotsky.A modern idols in Aquarius is a famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

Here it is, January-month, includes two such important zodiacal sign.