What is the name of Martha?

Each person is given a name at birth.His choice depends on various factors: parents like his sound, meaning, or it is given in honor of a relative.It has long been known that each name has its own meaning and gives its wearer a certain character traits, Charms, talents, and much more.Most girls give birth a woman's name in March.A considerable number of people like the sound of.And many people are interested in the value named Martha.

it comes from the Aramaic.Meaning of Martha - "Lady."In the Russian version it is modified to Martha.March characterized as follows.From childhood, girls with the same name are inherent emotion, persistence and stubbornness.They are demanding of others as well as yourself.All these features do well in school, sometimes showing outstanding achievements.

Growing up, Martha turns into a charming, likable woman.She inherent determination, confidence in themselves and in their actions.Even in the most difficult situations she did not lose courage and determination.A strong sense of self-esteem, vindictive, long time does not forgive the offense and makes a step towards reconciliation.In a society in March feels like a fish in water, easily attracting the attention of men.This also helps her ability to dress.

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pragmatic and cautious lead to the fact that women rarely make hasty steps, take hasty decisions.

The girls with the same name is well developed intellect, and therefore the work they often choose the appropriate.However, they can be excellent sellers, fitness trainers and others.

Despite great success in men, girls get married Martha late.Often married twice.Sometimes, however, overstayer too long, a woman and remains unmarried.In this case, all my energy and love she gives her work, achieving career success.

a family, girls are very loyal to her, putting all his strength in the comfort and peace at home.Much is being done with their own hands, not relying on the help of other households.Well knit and sew.They love to have guests, demonstrating a cozy atmosphere in the house, perfect order.They are very jealous, but trying to hide it as much as possible, it is not always possible.Against this background, can roll up the husband jealousy.

favorite colors girl Marta: blue, red and green.Hobbies - skiing and reading books.They love to eat sweets.

Now I understand the value of Martha.And what man so suited to girls?What they should have names?Favorable marriage with Ilya, Miroslav, Mikhail, Oleg, Peter, Paul, Svetoslav, Roman and Yaroslav.It is not necessary to build a family with Nicholas, Nikita, Orestes, seeds, Stanislav, Felix, George and Jacob.

Thus, Martha - the name characterizes the self-confident, demanding, beautiful and clever girl enjoying success among men.But, having married, they completely give themselves to the family.In general, the value of Martha - "Lady" - fully corresponds to the character of its owner.