Property Companies

originally property of the company created by the property which it transferred to the founders (deposits, shares, contributions).Increased property in economic and industrial activities.It may be a subject to various business and legal transactions, mortgage, alienate, etc.

In most cases the property of the company separated from the ownership of persons acting by its founders, members or employees.On its debt, the company is obliged to respond with their property.It can be addressed various lawsuits creditors, partners in cases of non-compliance with certain obligations, which took over the company.

property companies - is the whole property complex used in the implementation of economic entrepreneurship.In general, the company is recognized as a real estate property complex.It includes all types of property, which are intended for the implementation of its activities.It includes land, structures, buildings, raw materials, equipment, inventory, accounts, products, debt, the right to refer to the company and its products (trade name, service marks, trademarks) as well as other rights of an exclusive nature.

property companies and its composition is determined as follows.It is divided into movable and immovable.It may be owned by the company, management or jurisdiction.

Real Estate Company - this is the subsoil, land, water bodies, as well as everything connected with the ground (ie, the objects move that can not be without disproportionate damage to their main purpose, including perennials, buildings, forests,structures).This group of assets are government registered space objects, ships, sea, air, inland waterway.

Movable property companies - it's a property that does not fall under the first group.This includes money, securities.These objects are not required to register the rights, except as provided in the law.

Gains derived by an enterprise from the use of property in its ownership belong to the company, unless otherwise required by law.

legal entities Transactions on alienation of property may be made only in writing signed by the perpetrators of these transactions.

All the assets of the company, which is reflected in the balance sheet, divided into such types : fixed assets and intangible assets, income (loss), capital and investments, materials, prepaid expenses, finished products, capital and reserves, work in progress, raw materials, the calculations with debtors and creditors.

When the case of recognition of the company bankrupt estate under the law can be used to satisfy the claims and the claims of creditors.After that, the remaining assets can be transferred to the founders or members who are on it real or liability laws.

To survive and avoid bankruptcy, you need to know how to competently manage the property of the company, what share should make its own funds and borrowings.An important role in addressing these issues plays an analysis of property companies.

Under the legislation founding the company have liability law on the property business partnerships and cooperatives.If the company or municipal unitary state, as well as subsidiaries, the founders initially have on them the right to property or other proprietary rights.