Melons: how to grow at their summer cottage

Many gardeners like to grow melons in their fields.The case is not very complex and quite accessible to any gardener.Optionally, even a beginner can get a great harvest from plants such as melon.How to grow this vegetable is correct, we consider below.

This plant can be planted, and right in the open ground, and seedlings.In the latter case the crop will be available for a fortnight before.However, it is necessary to know some rules.First, you need to check on seed germination.For this, they are placed in a two percent solution of common salt.Unsuitable for planting with the float, and the remaining can be sure - all melon seeds germinate.How to grow their own seedlings - a simple question.Seeds to be placed in peat pots with a diameter not less than 10 cm. Each one.The fact that this culture is absolutely not tolerate picks.

bury seeds to 3 cm. Irrigation needs moderate, otherwise the roots may rot.Shoots melon two weeks after planting.Growing seedlings should not last more than a month.Therefore it is necessary to calculate the time.In addition, it is necessary to take into account the high sensitivity to frost plants such as melon.How to grow them in the open field known to many gardeners.First of all, a week before planting is necessary to dig a bed (which had not previously grown cucumbers, pumpkins and squash) and fertilize the soil with manure.It is necessary to make sure, since the roots of this plant are very large and require a certain amount of nutrients.

must choose a sunny place for plants such as melon.How to grow them - a question concerning first of all, how often you need to water this culture.The fact is that, like seedlings, mature plants can not tolerate waterlogging.And why make watering about once every two weeks.In any case, the ground under bushes should dry out.

Under portability seedlings prepared hole, which is filled with warm water and wait for its complete absorption.If you are new to Ogorodnyi business and do not know how to grow melons, follow our advice and do not bury the plant transplantation.The root ball should protrude above the soil about 2 cm. This will provide ventilation and roots as well as moderate watering will prevent them from rotting.The distance between the bushes adults should be the order of meters.

Growing hybrids and varieties is slightly different.The fact that the latter are female flowers on the side shoots.Therefore, you need to pinch the central stem.In this case, the side will be developed more intensively.Hybrids as female flowers are located on the central escape.Therefore, in this case the lateral pinch.This avoids thickening plants.Each bush melon left no more than three fruit.

So hopefully now you are more or less clear how to grow melons in the country.Do it if you want to snap.With a little effort, you diversify the diet with tasty and useful fruit.