Breeding birds.

Guinea fowl - an amazing bird, which later became a rest home.Productive breed suitable for cultivation in the home and farm - the result of the work of breeders.They were withdrawn at different productivity breed guinea fowl.

for households can buy any modern bird species.Growing guinea fowl - a very profitable occupation.Day old chicks and weighs 30 grams sixty days yielded 800 grams of growth.The productivity of this type of bird is quite good.Guinea fowl eggs have an average weight of 45 to 50 grams.They are painted in yellow or brown.Within six months of the warm period, the guinea fowl provides from 50 to 100 eggs.Guinea fowl eggs are pretty solid shell.They are easy to carry, and within six months, they do not lose their nutritional value.On the content of solids, vitamin A and carotene, they are superior to the chicken.Another important advantage is the fact that they are not affected salmonellosis.

If there was a desire to breed these birds, start with the acquisition of day-old birds.In order to get through the year guinea fowl eggs, suitable for incubation, it takes at least twenty-five individuals.Among them will be formed parent stock.At its formation in three females should account for one male.Productivity birds lasts only two seasons.Guinea fowl eggs are suitable for incubation only in the presence of a spacious, well-lit and warm place for poultry.In the month of March in the premises for keeping guinea fowl begin supplementary lighting.Increasing daylength positive effect on the quality of the eggs.There should also be equipped with a free-range area.In addition to the conditions in poultry should ensure a balanced diet.

Incubation of guinea fowl eggs will be productive, provided good material for the bookmark.For incubation, the eggs fit a medium-sized, weighing about forty-two grams.Before being placed in the incubator and examine them carefully in the presence of contamination wash.Damaged or deformed guinea fowl eggs are not suitable for incubation.If you can not prepare the material for laying on his farm, it can be purchased on the market or at the poultry farm.

breeding chicks process is the same as for the hens.Guinea fowl eggs incubate for 27 days.The difference will be to ensure a higher humidity.The first chicks begin to appear on the 25th day from the start of incubation.They allow to dry and carefully removed from the tray.During the first five days after the birth of young animals contain a heater.

incubate the eggs can also lay under the hen.The question arises: "How many eggs hatch guinea fowl?"Incubation lasts 27 days.Guinea fowl - caring mother.With this method of incubation will be fewer problems with young.The first days of the life of a mother hen chicks warms themselves.As a hen can be used not only guinea fowl.Very often in the nest with eggs seated ordinary chicken.

Breeding guinea fowl, like any business, will require certain expenses: for the purchase of poultry, feed and equipment.Part of the funds have to be used for the construction of a warm premise for poultry.But the diet of guinea fowl meat and eggs are in demand.Therefore, the business of breeding of this bird is considered to be quite lucrative.