How to play with dolls?

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kids always find something for everyone and almost never sit idle.In this article I want to talk about how to play with dolls: What games are these toys, which it needs and that the new props can think of to diversify the game.

about dolls

First of all I want to say that, according to the explanatory dictionary Ozhegova doll - a child's toy, which is the prototype of man.A very ancient history and this is fun.For example, dolls have existed at all times, and the kids enjoyed playing them at different stages of maturation.It would be interesting, and the fact that the earlier figures here are made mostly by hand, from the materials that were at hand.In addition, often I had a doll and another important function: it was a guardian for the child, who was guarding the kid from the action of the dark forces.Today, as many centuries ago, the boys also enjoy playing with dolls.And if such girlish toys for all the more familiar (Barbie, RSSI and so on. D.), You should not think that the boys do not like fun.So, these are the same soldiers, figurines of men "Lego", the drivers in the cars and the like.

Method 1. Family

So, how to play with dolls, so it was exciting and interesting?You can try to create the puppet family and reproduce all, what does a normal family.At the request of the family can be playing with many children may attend his grandfather, grandmother, hobbies.We need to make dolls schedule weekday and weekend breakfast, walk, lunch, visiting relatives (if it is off), and visits to work and perform important domestic affairs, if it is a working day.Children can bring the game to the maximum to the realities of life.By the way, the children at this time is very interesting to watch, because they reproduce what they see every day.Only thanks to a game, you can draw some conclusions about whether an ordinary organized life of the child.

Method 2: Dress

Even as the girls play with dolls?So, why not decorate their toy beauties?To do this, girls need a lot of different outfits.By the way, you can also arrange and fashion show for parents.This game is exactly entice girls.But even more interesting, you can make the process of doll clothes themselves.Babies can bring to sew dresses for her princesses, having trained at the same time a lot of what is helpful.It should be said that this game is great develops the imagination and taste of the girls.This girl is very useful in her future adult life.Do not forget that at the same dolls can do a variety of hairstyles and makeup.

Method 3: Performance

next clue on how to play the game "Dolls": to make a play.To do this you need toys that can be worn on the arm, with a window screen and the text, which can be both read and learn.You can simply play some fairy tale and show little understanding parents.But you can make the game even more exciting, fantasizing on the go.For example, children can not think through the pre-dialogue and storyline, and just improvise on the fly.It is also a very useful game that not only entertains the baby, but also develops it perfectly.

method 4. Mothers and Daughters

Another option, as the girls play with dolls: they are nursing.This game is often called the "Mothers and Daughters".So, baby chooses a doll, the most similar to a small child, and cares for her.Girl your child will drink, feed, change diapers (pre-poured some water there - because the child describe!), Put to bed, roll in a wheelchair, to go for a walk, bathe, read a fairy tale, and much else.Again for this game very interesting to watch, t. To. Every mother sees her daughter's actions in a model of their own behavior in everyday life.

method 5. Situations

following advice about how to play with dolls: play certain situations.For example, you can send a job dolls (doll model doll chef or doll-seller) and already there to play with everything they need.You can make a puppet trek to the supermarket, you can organize a wedding dolls and so on. D. Every moment in life you can play the game in the doll.

About parents

Parents can often interested in the question of how children play with dolls, because sometimes kids are willing to bring their game to the adults.So, there are a few tips for mothers and fathers about how you need to behave and what to do:

  1. If the child is still small, and it does not have three years, the initiative in the game "dolls" can take mom she pronounces storyline andIt gives rise to the top of the game.How is all going to happen on, it depends on the willingness of the child.
  2. If the child knows exactly how he wants to play, the parent must then fully comply.If a baby is something wrong plays better calmly explain that this is not the case (for example, when the doll tea party girl is not pouring tea into cups and pots of).
  3. should not impose on their children in the game point of view and say how and what to do: my mother needed here just for the company, not as a leader.

Joint preparation

Today, almost all the toys you can buy.This doll for girls and their clothes, and even houses.But is not it better to create all the extra equipment on their own, with your child?This is primarily a great way to communicate with your baby and teach him new skills.So, for the doll out of the box, you can make a big house with different rooms and they dwelt there are many dolls neighbors, you can make various household items and furniture that humanoid toys are necessary and important.It should again be recalled that in this case you need to take into account the wishes of the child and "go" for him not taking the leadership position.

About the game

How to play dolls with the baby right?So, it should be said that as they grow older games baby will grow up with him.If a girl two years, enough that eats doll and put to bed, the little girl for five years would be more interesting if it is a naughty toy, it will need to calm down and sometimes even punished.This is normal and it should be.Games with dolls children as they grow up to be complicated, gathering new different nuances.

about themselves dolls

However, it should be said that is not always safe for children to play with dolls.More precisely, the characters themselves are very harmful to the perception.The simplest example - Barbie doll.Beautiful girl, but with a slightly deformed shape and painful asthenic physique.Parents are very important to make it clear to your child that it's just a toy, not an object to follow.And if the baby books for a new fun on a holiday, is worth a look, the look of these dolls (photos, for example, in children's magazines), and then decide whether to buy my baby a toy or better to prefer something different.