Hemorrhoids after delivery: the treatment of breast feeding.

during pregnancy and after the appearance of the baby, women can encounter some pathological processes.Varicose veins of statistics affecting up to 40 percent of pregnant women.Also, a common problem is hemorrhoids after childbirth.Treatment of breast feeding should be carried out very carefully, taking into account all factors.

vein problems

Hemorrhoids after birth (through breastfeeding or artificial) can occur regardless of whether the expanded veins of the lower extremities.Experienced surgeons and phlebologists note that these two processes are separate.For example, some women may have distinct veins on the legs, but never collide with hemorrhoids.Others are newly minted mom did not complain of vein disease, but have expressed the nodes in the anal opening.

How does a hemorrhoid after giving birth?

Most often the beginnings of nodes appear at a time when the baby is in the womb.The uterus is growing in size and puts pressure on the veins of small pelvis.The situation is aggravated by factors such as prolonged standing or sedentary work, problems with discharge of stool and others.

during childbirth a woman has much to push.Because of the small and large process units may increase in size and fall out.As a result, a woman discovers external hemorrhoids after childbirth.

not always veins beyond the rectum.In some cases, hemorrhoids can remain within the body of the woman.He delivers no less a problem than outdoor education.

Hemorrhoids after delivery: the treatment of breastfeeding

If you are faced with a very delicate problem, you should as soon as possible to consult a specialist and start the correction.Many women believe that if got hemorrhoids after the birth, the treatment can be started only after the cessation of breastfeeding.This is not so.Modern medicine allows for the desired correction of such diseases without harming the baby.

Depending on how the disease started and what form it takes, there are several methods to get rid of hemorrhoids after childbirth.The most popular and harmless way - is to use the people's effective recipes.However, doctors strongly recommend to self-medicate.If you got hemorrhoids after delivery, then you need to go through an initial screening and only then proceed with the correction.Consider the most modern methods of treating hemorrhoids during breastfeeding.

Conservative therapy

If there was hemorrhoids after childbirth, treatment during breastfeeding is preferable to use medication.That this opinion phlebology proctology and surgeons.Preparations for the correction of complex must be selected.So, first of all need to stop bleeding and pain.It is also important to eliminate inflammation or to prevent it.The drug must possess antithrombotic and wound-healing effect.

Most often souped moms appointed ointments or suppositories for hemorrhoids after childbirth.However, all depends on the individual node locations.If varices struck the inside of the intestine, it is preferable to use suppositories.For exterior location unit appointed ointments and compresses.

What you can use candles from hemorrhoids after giving birth?Here are some of the safest and most effective drugs:

  • «Procto-glivenol" (effect on blood clots, gradually dissolving them relieve swelling and pain, reduce inflammation and prevent the accession of infection).This drug can be used not only after the delivery, but also during pregnancy (except for its first third).
  • «Relief" (the candles quickly stopped krovootdelenie from the site, remove burning and eliminate the pain).The drug is available not only in the form of candles, but in the form of an ointment.This makes it possible to treat the precipitated components.
  • «Posterisan" (drug increases the body's immune defenses, heals wounds and fractures, helps to restore the activity of the intestine).This tool is also available in different forms.Its hypoallergenic composition allows to use the drug without fear during nursing.


How to cure hemorrhoids after giving birth, if drugs are powerless?When the process has been very neglected, come to the aid latest surgical methods for correction.So, many of them can be used during breastfeeding.

  1. use of liquid nitrogen.This method allows you to remove the formed knot as painlessly and efficiently.During the procedure, the physician freezes hemorrhoidal departments.After a certain period of time dying pathological skins and Recovery intestine.
  2. scarring.This method is better suited to women who have found the external components (external hemorrhoids).During the procedure, the doctor injects into the affected area a special substance that acts on the walls of blood vessels and resolves them.Within a few weeks you will find that hemorrhoids are not gone.It should be noted that by using this method may need to stop breast-feeding for several days.
  3. Surgical removal.How to cure hemorrhoids after delivery, if all else fails?In this case, doctors recommend just remove the formed units.However, if you choose this method, there is a need in the temporary suspension of breastfeeding.

Folk ways

What folk remedies can be used to treat hemorrhoids?In fact, there are many options.However, when choosing a prescription is necessary to consider the possibility of allergic reactions in the baby.Remember that most of the drugs are absorbed into the blood and partly passes into breast milk.

Using potato

This method has been used by our grandparents.However, it can be used only when there is no bleeding and cracks.Otherwise, you can bring an infection.

Clean young potato tuber and made it a few candles.Those that are not used immediately can be frozen.Sticking potato candle to a few times a day immediately after bowel cleansing.

Herbal teas

If you are experiencing loss of nodes, you can use the bath.To prepare the content you need the herb chamomile, succession, nettles.These components help to relieve the inflammation, swelling and pain.

take such baths can be several times a day.However, it should refrain from such a prescription for women with postpartum hemorrhage.

Honey compresses

Bee products are an effective anti-inflammatory and absorbing means.Each time after bowel cleansing lubricate components honey or propolis.

If you have an allergy to these components, it is necessary to abandon this recipe and choose an alternative way to cure hemorrhoids after childbirth.

Treatment breastfeeding: reviews

Women who are faced with this problem, they say that the earlier we start the correction, the sooner will come relief.If you wait, it will take place on their own pathology, there is a risk to get on the operating table.

most effective way to treat hemorrhoids, according to the patients is the use of candles, ointments and poultices in the complex.


Before you treat hemorrhoids during breastfeeding, should be diagnosed and inspection.Never Tutor correction.Go to the doctor on time and always be healthy!