Chinese children today - more boys than girls?

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As you know, China has long been held in the life of the policy, according to which in each city family should be no more than one child, while in rural areas - no more than two (in some provinces are allowed to give birth a second time if the first was a girl).

Because of this and because of abortion based on sex, in China today has developed menacing demographic situation - men much more than women.

The figures speak for themselves: in modern China 37 million men more than women;Boys under the age of 20 years, 32 million more than the girls;Men appropriate age for marriage to 18 million more than women of the same category.National Bureau of Statistics said that, on average, 120.2 million boys in China account for only 100 million girls.

All this - the result of abortions in the country in which the boys are always appreciated more.

In addition, because of the birth control population very "grown old" - began to dominate the elderly, and the percentage of young people has decreased.

All this can lead to that troubled country's future government to repeal the law "one family - one child" and introduce planning sex of the child that was born more girls.

However, abolishing rigid birth control, China will encounter many other problems: for example, the depletion of resources in the country (according to the specialists, they will last for one and a half billion people, and today lives in China 1.32 billion).

Increased fertility may also worsen the situation in the poorest sections of society - is still in China is 300 million poor people.

Today, infertility becomes a cultural problem in China, partly because of the shame of being a childless family.As soon as the young couple married, their family and friends put pressure on them so that they brought the child.If after two years of marriage, they still do not have children, the blame usually falls on the shoulders of women and men file for divorce.

Although in 2006 the Chinese authorities, and imposed restrictions on the ultrasound to determine the sex of the child, the parents turn to private doctors and interrupt the pregnancy (for example, if you expect a girl).

In China, we have a situation in which only local "star" and just wealthy citizens of China can afford the luxury of having "extra" child.

China may need 15 years to recover the sexual imbalance occurred because of three decades, the policy of limiting the population.

Kay Ann Johnson, professor Hempfirskogo University, writes in his book «Wanting a Daughter, Needing a Son» (2004) that the woman did not report the time of her pregnancy and did not have the right to have another child, in some areasthe country were subjected to sterilization, forced abortion or obliged to pay heavy fines.

Currently, according to the Chinese law, the penalty for violation of the policy of family planning can be up to 10 annual income.

However, despite all these difficulties, China grow and enjoy life the children collection of pictures which you can see in our gallery.

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