Interesting dream book.

lion - the king of beasts.To dream of this animal, on the one hand, to the success and happiness, on the other - to the troubles and failures.We will understand what's what?Believe me, you'll be pleasantly surprised to find an interpretation of his dream.

meeting with a worthy opponent

It turns out that in dreams the animal personifies the strengths and power of people in this world.The way there is a meeting depends on the interpretation and prophecy of the future.Flipping dream book: Lions dream of those who are waiting for a serious test in the future.They warn of the dangers, suggest how to deal with a problem situation, predicting the outcome of the challenges and circumstances.You have seen in a dream, like a lion rubs against your leg, gently purrs and is friendly, it means that your environment will soon be overbearing person who will support you throughout.And he will be a reliable, faithful.Trust the benefactor and try to justify his hope and confidence.In the dream, you saw that lion protects your flock?This is a very auspicious sign.In reality, you have a lot of friends and influential patrons.Protect you from enemies and protect from all sorts of misfortunes.It is symbolic, if you dream, how close two animals fighting.Perhaps, in reality, someone is trying to win you over to their side and make an ally.Maybe you will soon be offered a better job with decent pay.Do not hurry to make a decision and to leave the former position.In the words of dream interpretation, even the lions symbolize the inner state of a person.It is possible that the animal seen in a dream - it is your inner world.You - a man strong and powerful, strong decision-making is not going to compromise.People close to you may be difficult to convince something, you do not listen to advice.And because of that often gets into trouble.

Leo was attacked in his sleep

you dream that you're hunting a lion.You ambushed and ready to attack the animal.Leo saw the threat and began to attack.How, in this case interpreted the dream book?Lion attacks, and you feel that your opponent is far superior in strength and agility?Be aware, in the future you have to fight and defend their opinions.From someone who has won in a dream, will depend on the outcome of events in reality.Most likely, there is a conflict at work with a colleague or boss.Be reasonable, leave the shade and leave everything as is.Your time will come, and you all will prove his innocence.

woman had a lion

very interesting to interpret dream interpretation, dream of what a lion beautiful half of humanity.For her, this is a dream encounter with love.The new fan will be a true partner.Beautiful courtship, passionate embrace and words of love are predicting a charmer.Relationships can end the marriage if the woman does not alienate the boyfriend and accept his feelings.

Lioness with kids

Another interesting interpretation of which is to say, dream-book narrates.Lions little dream symbolize children.If you saw the lioness caressing their young, know that in reality, you will take care to other people's children.You may want, for example, the neighbor kids to present gifts or take a walk with them, or you decide to start a charity event, giving an orphanage clothes and toys.

troubles and worries

also argues dream interpretation, dream lions sometimes for trouble and hassle.If you saw the beast, rushing about in a cage or in a dream, walking through the savanna, they saw the remains (the body) of a lion, then you expect a shame and humiliation.Someone you okleveschet, cover the dirt near and dear to the heart of people.You will be hard to explain what all lies.Even more difficult to return the good attitude.


As you can see, the king of beasts and dreams to good events and bad.If you dream you saw a lion, do not be afraid and run away from it.It is better to make friends with the king of beasts.And then in the real world awaits you success, luck and happiness.