Replacement of the passport in 20 years - what to do?

twentieth anniversary is celebrated, and in front of you are not so happy, but much-needed event.You are waiting for the arrangements for the exchange of Russian civil passport.Do not get too tighten fees after just a day after the birth of a passport photo with your teen can theoretically be invalidated (expired).By law, replacement of passports of 20 years must be received by you within 30 days, otherwise do not be surprised if the purse is facilitated at a fairly decent amount of one and a half to two thousand rubles to pay an administrative fine.

So, need a replacement passport, has already turned 20 years old - are necessary to answer the age-old question of what to do and where to go?First of all, try not to lose the old passport.Then go to the photographer for two photos for the new.He will tell them the right size, and will produce quickly.In any close to your bank pay the state fee for the procedure for exchange of passports and received a receipt reserved.After these manipulations, there are two options - write a letter of exchange to the nearest office of the Federal Migration Service (many call it the old passport office) or contact the experts of the multipurpose center for public service delivery (such offices are opened in many cities).And write a statement to OFMS can not only personally, but also by visiting the portal of public services.When submitting an electronic application, photographs, receipt of payment fees and the old passport must prepare and bring to the department of the Federal Migration Service on the appointed day to you.

If a replacement passport in 20 years at the place of your residence, then after ten days you will become the proud owner of a document confirming Russian citizenship and identity.But when you are away from home (learning or working at the institute), the procedure is slightly extended.When you asked the OFMS at the place of actual residence, and you need a replacement passport in 20 years, the timing of its issuance shall be extended to two months.

If the identity document will be vital in this case, at a time when replacing a passport in 20 years, have to issue a temporary certificate of your personality.With this document in hand, you can avoid many unpleasant moments and misunderstandings.

And a few interesting nuances that may arise in the exchange of passports:

- some particularly zealous officials may require service registration or military ID.Such requirements are illegal, so take the documents and issue a new passport they are required in any case.But it is possible that the issuance of a new passport will be accompanied by a bonus in the form of delivery of the notice of compulsory military registration.However, by and large, this paper is for information only and no non-binding;

- if you are a young bride and already change the passport due to the acquisition of a new family, a replacement passport in 20 years is still necessary;

- when you meet her twenty years, serving in the army, replacing a passport is required only on his return to civilian life;

- demands a nominal fee in any, even a small amount of filling in the application form on the exchange or execution of documents, illegal.

And finally, remember that the next exchange to be only a quarter of a century, so you should take good care of obtaining a passport.After his unscheduled replacement for the loss or damage is much more problematic.