Theatre "The Nutcracker" (Ekaterinburg) and the company's repertoire, other theaters of the city

Theatre "The Nutcracker" (Yekaterinburg) - one of the most unique in Russia.Its peculiarity is that, as the artists here are the children who are learning ballet at the amateur and professional levels.

Yekaterinburg Theatres Theatres in Yekaterinburg are very popular with residents of the city, and his guests.Each of them has its own history, its repertoire, its genre.They are all bright and interesting, it is not similar to each other.They are art wonderful, talented and professional artists.But there is among them one in which all roles are played by children - is a theater of "The Nutcracker."Yekaterinburg became the owner of such a unique and the only one of its kind of the ballet troupe in 1988.

Theatre "The Nutcracker»

Children's Ballet Theatre in Ekaterinburg - it's not school and dance studio.All performances are played by actors between the ages of 7 to 17 years.It is a full ballet.It does not make allowances for age.Young artists dance and chamber music, and feature performances at a high technical and professional level.He created theater "Nutcracker" (Ekaterinburg) Mikhail Kogan - an outstanding ballet dancer and choreographer.He was and still is its artistic director.

In a year when the theater was 20 years old, he received a gift of its own building.Now this is a real palace.It has everything to teach young artists ballet - spacious rehearsal rooms.As well as its own large comfortable scene.The theater building is very large.The auditorium is designed for 300 seats.The scene is transformed, it is equipped with modern lighting equipment and sound equipment.Now theater ballet "The Nutcracker" (Yekaterinburg) will be able to create performances and shows on an even higher level.


Children's Theatre Ballet "The Nutcracker" is the audience performances by a variety of subjects of fairy tales.Young actors are not just in your city.They toured throughout Russia, and even in other countries are: the United States, Italy and so on.

Theatre performances "The Nutcracker»:

  • «Airplane childhood."
  • «Alice."
  • «The Adventures of Cipollino".
  • «The Gingerbread Man."
  • «Good Horton."
  • «Thumbelina."
  • «Tales of magic lantern."
  • «hare's heart."
  • «Once upon a time."

and other ballets.

Young Actors Theatre

"Nutcracker" (Ekaterinburg) has about 200 young artists.They are studying here, on stage, ballet skills improve.Education starts at 5 years.At the scene of the children come in 7 years.Graduates of the Theater "The Nutcracker" work in theaters in Yekaterinburg, Perm, Moscow.

first musical theater city

There Opera and Ballet Theatre since 1912.It was the first performance of the opera "A Life for the Tsar" by Mikhail Glinka.The first staging of the ballet - "The Magic Flute" (R. Drigo).It took place in 1914.Only in 1931 came the name "Theatre of Opera and Ballet."The repertoire was classical.In the 20s of the 20th century the theater has gained popularity and became known throughout the country, gaining fame as one of the best in Russia.The troupe consisted of talented artists and musicians.In this theater began his artistic career distinguished masters.Singers Ivan Kozlovsky, Sergei Lemeshev, Yuri Gulyaev and Boris Shtokolov and so on.It started working conductor Kirill Tikhonov.He became one of the founders of "Helikon-Opera" in Moscow.Another conductor - Evgeny Kolobov.After moving to Moscow, he founded the theater "Novaya Opera".Outstanding personality - Alexander Titel.Today, he serves in the Moscow Musical Theater of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko, the chief director and artistic director.Many singers and dancers became a soloist of the capital's theaters.Some - international stars.

repertoire is very rich.To date, the poster claimed such productions as "The Flying Dutchman" by Wagner, "Paquita" by L. Minkus, "Le Comte Ory" George. Rossini, Amore Buffo Donizetti, "Hansel and Gretel" by E. Humperding, "Katyaand Prince of Siam "P. Ovsyannikov," La Boheme "J. Puccini's" Boris Godunov "by Mussorgsky (a modern interpretation)," Stone Flower "Sergei Prokofiev," The Nutcracker ".Opera and Ballet Theatre presents its viewers with both classic and modern productions.

Theatre musical comedy

Theaters Ekaterinburg offers viewers a totally different genres.Opera, ballet, musicals, operetta, drama, puppets ... One of the theaters are popular - a musical comedy.There he was in 1933.In that year, the city's leadership has decided that Ekaterinburg (then Sverdlovsk) need another theater, which is intended to amuse, to allow working people wondering rest.Genre musical comedy for that counted the most appropriate.Director was appointed Leonid Lukker - Young Actor Drama Theater.In the early career of great help Sverdlovsk Musical Comedy rendered eminent directors, artists, choreographers, stage designers of St. Petersburg (then Leningrad) and Moscow.The troupe has been collected from young actors, including invited soloists from the city on the Neva, a few of them have remained in Yekaterinburg.

premiere performances of Sverdlovsk Musical Comedy Theater - American operetta Stotgardta G. and R. Friml "Rose Marie".With great success it was in 1924 on Broadway.

The repertoire includes classical operetta and musicals, and music performances for children.A special place in the poster is an exclusive formulation.

Theatre musical comedy 17-times winner of the National Award "Golden Mask" in various categories.