How and where to get a TIN may Citizen

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The question is where to get TIN (taxpayer identification number), it may be to the citizen in a few cases.

Most often this difficulty appears in employment, where the IIN times is perhaps the main document.Now it is the presence of increased importance in various fields of society.Room is now required to receive and at birth, and foreigners to get a temporary job.

He appeared not so long ago.Russian power in the early 90s introduced for organizations a code that allows for the set of numbers to determine the name of the company, ownership and registration address.Then, with the advent in 1997, the body of individual entrepreneurs have been accounting for these entities.

But more - more, and at the end of the 21 th century it was decided to extend the practice of INN at all individuals.

Getting INN through personal visits

try to answer, where to get the VAT number, you can quickly and without problems.

only body that is responsible for issuing this room - is the Federal Tax Service.No intermediaries are not here, and if there are proposals and in the press and on the Internet, this is pure fraud.The fact that the tax so simplified the procedure of assigning numbers, that it manages the most inexperienced citizen.

person you just need to take your passport and visit the tax office in the hours of the individuals.Now all the rooms, where are its inspectors, equipped with information stands.They can find a sample application for an INN.It should fill out and submit to the responsible employee, and after some time to come and get the paper.

sometimes have difficulty writing text of the appeal to the Tax Office.This is nothing complicated.The tax, which can be obtained TIN always work organization for a nominal fee to fill out an application.In an extreme case, on the rules of its filling advise the inspector.It will only have to sign the document.

In any case, all manipulations should preferably in person.You can use the services of a representative, but to commit such acts require notarial power of attorney.

INN Getting through online service

tax for some time tried to modernize the process and shorten the time of obtaining certain documents.As a result, the Federal Tax Service on the site appeared a service where you can get a TIN, practically without leaving home.

algorithm here following actions:

- should first open a page on the site of the registration of a natural person;

- bottom of the page to open the link "complete a new application";

- in the window to insert the characters you see in the picture;

- to fill in all the blanks application, be sure to save the data;

- send an application and wait for an answer, that it is taken into consideration.

now will only wait for a response.To its credit, the tax on a service where you can get the VAT via the Internet, introduced the service route tracking application.When braking, the consideration is always possible to intervene in time to the process.

Timing of

With regard to timing, the Federal Tax Service are unified in their units while passing documents.Therefore, to obtain TIN, Moscow provides the same time-frame, as well as regional inspectorates.The terms are the same and are about five days.

However, without a visit to the inspection is still not enough.Only when the taxpayer or his legal representative may receive a long-awaited document.Naturally, it will be given to the child's parents.We just need to show your passport and birth certificate of a young family member.

Organisations INN is the process of obtaining a different way.In this case, an identification number is assigned simultaneously with the registration of the legal entity, and to removal from the register accompanies him all the time.