How to restore the passport

accordance with Russian legislation, the passport change during a person's life twice: in 20 years, sometimes 45. Women do it more often, since married and tend to change their names.But quite often there are situations where the need to go to the passport office and there is no above-mentioned reasons.Typically, this occurs in the case of lost or stolen documents.And then there is a lot of questions on how to restore the passport.

If there was a loss, theft or damage of an identity document, at the very beginning you need to contact the police.Branch for treatment should be geographically related to the address where the person is registered.When you first visit you will need to write an application for a replacement document stating the reason.The application is usually supplied any document that will confirm the information regarding the identity.This can be a birth certificate, driver's license or military ID.

get special help at the police station, should contact the Department of Migration, in other words, the passport office.It is also necessary to write a statement that the document is lost.It must specify the circumstances that contributed to the accident.The application must be written to the head of the Migration Service.By this document is normally required to attach a certificate of loss and receipt of payment of state fees and fines.

In deciding how to restore the passport, as well as for the design of a new need some more documents.You will need an extract from the house, if not, the administration undertakes a certificate of residency of a person to a particular address.You also need to make pictures of standard size 4: 3 4.

Before you send all the papers and to restore the passport, you must not ignore the documents on which it will bear a special mark required.This may be a military card, marriage certificate or, on the contrary, divorce.People who have children who need to attach to the package of documents on their birth certificate.

After gathering all the necessary documents that will be needed in deciding how to restore the passport of the Russian Federation, it is necessary to turn again to the passport office.Only in this case it is necessary to write a statement, which says that there is a need to recover a stolen or lost document.It's kind of a petition, which must necessarily sign head of the passport office, moreover, should be a mark of the inspector of the fine paid.

problem is how to restore the passport is actually not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.You just need to gather all the documents to write an application and submit to the Department all the organization that deals with this issue.It is necessary to ask about the terms that are set to recover.As a rule, the removal of the lack of identification documents takes approximately one month.

must be borne in mind that the restoration of the document that has been lost, will spend a little more time than usual to be replaced.Under this circumstance, it is worth in the same passport office to take a document that will confirm the identity until there is a registration of a new document.

position of the person who was in a similar situation, it is unpleasant, especially if the passport was lost or stolen in another city.Do not despair, problems, of course, that's enough, but the main thing to know that no matter what city in Russia that does not happen, the question is how to restore the passport is not unsolvable.