VAZ-2106: replacement of silent blocks lower and upper arms

By car VAZ-2106 replacement silent blocks made in the event of failure (both full and partial).Located rubber mounts (silent blocks) in the control arms - two at the bottom, the same number - at the top.It should also be noted that during the repairs should be inspected for damage levers.Unfortunately, they tend to burst, resulting in displacement of the wheel.

Tools for replacement

On VAZ-2106 replacement silent blocks virtually impossible without the use of special pullers.This device is very simple in design - metallic glass, the diameter of which is equal to the size of the rubber element, washer and bolt with a nut (thread them with a big step, because it demand - to withstand heavy loads).In addition, you will need a few special devices.It is better to buy them in advance or to take with friends.In the presence of the entire instrument repair is much easier.

Firstly, it is a stripper for springs - two studs at the ends of which are versatile carving, it is wound clamps.Secondly, it is desirable to have a ball joint puller, because it is possible that during the repair and you decide to replace it.Third, be sure to need a good tool - keys, screwdrivers, nut.If not a stripper, it will help a gas canister.It is necessary to burn rubber out of joint.Thus you can quickly split rubber steel element, to remove it from the seat.

Removing the upper arm

Replacing the front silent blocks VAZ-2106 is not complete without the two actions - removing the wheel and lift the part of the jack repaired.The first step is to perform these manipulations.Now before you in all its glory both levers, and you need the top.It is worth noting that it rubber mounts vary somewhat differently than at the bottom.It is necessary to remove the entire element, but the bottom is not necessarily removed.Here are just a ball bearing will stop, it is necessary to disconnect.

for that key 10 unscrews bolts with nuts.Again, you as interesting - if not greedy installation, put at least a new nut.They are self-locking at the edge of the thread have a plastic insert.On VAZ-2106 replacement is not without silent blocks installation of new screws.Now you can remove the bolt of the suspension element to the body, it needs to unscrew the nut wrench 22. In the same hold the bolt from turning.Of course, right to say no, "Bolt" and "axis", it would be more accurate.

silent blocks Replacing the upper arm

That's all, you now have in the hands of the upper arm, it is necessary to knock him out of the hinges.But hard to beat, of course, it is not necessary, as the tires reflect the punch with a hammer because you can get yourself in the eye, if a good swing.For this purpose, it is best to use a stripper.If you repair the car, you have to be in the presence of the tool.In particular, a good vise will not be superfluous.Now begins the replacement of silent blocks lever VAZ-2106, to which you have been gone.

lever firmly fix in a vice.Puller pull on the hinge and screwing a nut it start extrude Hob.It is recommended that before repairing process all nodes penetrating lubricant - joints, threaded connections.And if you do not want to suffer from the puller, the only assistant to you - is a fire.Just warming up saylenblok open fire.All the tires in this burn, there is only metal part of the hinge, which can be easily knocked out of the lever with one blow.Of course, this method can be called a barbarian, but VAZ-2106 replacement silent blocks can be carried out with it.Especially in cases where it is impossible to remove the scraper joint.

replacement joints of the lower arm

When you finish with the top, you can begin to lower.He has done a little differently fixing.And replacing silent blocks VAZ-2106 is performed without removing the suspension arm.One needs only to unscrew the nut, which, incidentally, should be replaced by a new during assembly.And remove the washer.That's all, now with the help of a stripper is extruded hollow screw joint.The second is taken by the same sort of technology.

Installing new hinge is made by pressing.To do this, Hob baits into the hole by hand.Then, using the stand, carefully dealt a blow with a hammer.No need with all his strength to beat, quite sharp, but weak impact.But if there is a stripper, and if it is, then the problem is much simpler - put it on the hinge and slowly, avoiding distortions thread the bolt.After pressing, make sure that no gap is formed.At the end of the new thread the nut, not forgetting the washer.That's all, replacing silent blocks VAZ-2106 is completed, you can put in place the upper arm.