Academic Theatre of the Russian Army: the diagram of hall, repertoire, reviews

Moscow is full of unique attractions, each of which deserves a separate story enthusiastic.Theatre of the Russian Army, one of a kind in many ways.Nowhere in the world is the theater of such high rank, who would be inextricably linked to the army.

This is not an army band or visiting team with a thematic repertoire is one of the great institutions of its kind in the world.Its peculiar status: it is a departmental theater of the Armed Forces, and many of the actors on the stage in the full sense of the word were serving.Before the war, the Ministry of Defense of the USSR there were several such houses belonging to certain regions of Russia, they were called the Red Army Theater.

unique armies - a unique theater

Theatre of the Russian Army, Hall, which is a large stage (some compare it to a football field), are the largest in the capital.The only one of its kind is the building of the theater.And not only that scene multi-storey buildings is the biggest in Europe, is unique in the very form of this construction: the building at the base of a star.Driving Hall Theatre of the Russian Army posted later in the article.The magnificent structure is arranged so that all five beams are directed to some significant places - the center of the capital, Komsomolskaya Square and the three largest transport node - Savelovsky, Riga, and Belorussky Railway Station.And of course, the unique building is surrounded by legends.One of them says that the German bombers would love to bomb star, as one would say now, seen from space.


Theatre Theatre of the Russian Army (or rather, his troupe) was formed in 1929 from the army of amateur teams, gradually dilutable professional actors and directors.The date of birth is considered TSATRA February 6, 1930.This day was staged the play "K.V.ZH.D.."

Maybe because already in 1930 the artistic director of the theater with a light hand of director Vladimir Meskheteli becomes Yuri A. Zawadzki, the theater gained a reputation as a highly professional institution.Best at the time the director and the director took a talented troupe and wonderful repertoire.Theatre of the Russian Army (then Red) is quickly becoming the favorite place for Muscovites.

able leadership

This institution has always been lucky with artistic directors, thanks to which the level of stage productions, given Zavadsky, never fell, and performances, surprising and shaking the audience becomes a legend, which, given their popularity, making films such as "Dance teacher "with the legendary Vladimir Zeldin.A 3D-musical "Pola Negri" opens 85th season, is not worthy of wonder and praise?

in the history of artistic director of the theater was a little.After Zavadsky was the artistic director of the big-name Alexey Popov (brightest director and artistic director, according to theater critics).Then - no less noble and popularly beloved Andrei Popov.After his death he became artistic director of student Afanasievich Boris Morozov, administers and now.Theatre of the Russian Army has always been known for his troupe, can be a long list of stars of the first magnitude, which for many years served in TSATRA.In 1975 the theater was awarded the title of the academic (the second letter in the acronym).

unique building

but the glory, as noted above, the theater and its building.It is located in the center of Moscow, on a very large area, which is called Suvorov (previously - the area of ​​the Commune, even earlier - Catherine, the closest metro station - "Dostoevsky").Suvorov Monument organically look at the background TSATRA grand building, which dominates the entire region.The unique pattern of the Stalinist Empire style (the official name - Soviet monumental classicism), was built from 1934 to 1940 by architects KS Halabyan and VN Simbirtseva before which was delivered more than an ambitious goal: the building was to symbolizethe power of the Red Army.And the star-shaped structure (the scheme of the theater of the Russian Army is higher) as nothing else fits the bill.In an article called peripetrom TSATRA building - from the Greek "surrounded by columns" that really adorn the facade, giving it the desired monumentality.

Gigantism inherent in Stalin's empire

Not surprisingly, at the theater can be played with the cavalry action (performance "First Cavalry" Vsevolod Vishnevsky), and even tanks.The building has 10 above-ground (six of which occupy the stage, in particular the 4th floor - a big stage and two - small) and the same number of underground floors.The room with a large stage can hold up to 1.5 thousand. People.Driving Hall Theatre of the Russian Army gives an idea of ​​its size.Balcony large hall, as well as an amphitheater, is divided into five sectors.The exact number of places - 1520 (originally they were in 2100).He is familiar to millions of TV viewers, because here for 10 years - from 2002 to 2012 - were the highest league of KVN teams.

cozy room scene

small room with a small stage intended only 400 seats.There are put chamber or experimental performances.In addition, on a small stage performs its productions Children's Theatre Studio Natalia Aristova.There were such performances as "Kovalev from the province of" AA Popov put here Kafka.And when reconstructed a big stage, the performances continued to put on a small.List of productions performed on the two stages, can make the whole brochure, and review and feedback on the performances - the whole book.

varied repertoire

easy to assume that in the repertory has always, throughout the 70 years of its existence, the performances were associated with military theme.They sang valor of the Russian Army at all times.For years, the scene did not leave the heroic musical comedy F. Gladkov, "A long time ago."In 2005 it revived, and it closed its 77th season.

never left the stage of this theater play by Alexander Ostrovsky.Now show "Wolves and Sheep".In 2015, the Academic Theatre of the Russian Army will celebrate its 85th anniversary celebratory anniversary concert, which will be held on the main stage on the Day of Russia.The repertoire of the theater productions are not alien to foreign authors (already mentioned mMyuzikl "Pola Negri"), a great historical setting: Now comes the big stage "King of Fyodor Ivanovich."For children raised on a small stage, "Oh How It Hurts".

Good theater - good reviews

Theatre of the Russian Army has rave reviews.People admire everything grandiose architecture, elegant decoration of the lobby, where you can take part in a photo shoot, and even offered a drink at the entrance to a glass of champagne.Especially like the performances, in particular the above.Reviews overwhelmingly positive, but it would be funny if it was not found the one fly in the ointment, which will spoil a barrel of honey.Coupon must be different: someone spectacle shocked, while others expected more.Negative feedback, which is a bit in the end forced the theater to eliminate weaknesses and hone their skills.